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Out on my page, A canister comets right there on the front page big picture of Regina Romero with her family on Veterans Day in a cemetery. No social distancing. No mask. But she wants to stay white mask mandate. She should be walking or she should be sleeping in the damn mask. Right? Hypocrisy from her. That's what she should be doing. She should be sleeping in the damn mask. By the way, the latest latest numbers, I just want you to know. Um Yesterday, because I keep all these cases these case of crazy crazy. Yesterday. Apparently 668 covert 19 discharges. 5 88 the day before 5 78 before that. Ah, I've I mean, it goes on and on and on and on 5 78 5 27. So They don't want they don't want to ever report that stuff. Never And, uh And I think Doug Ducey in such a bad day. Yesterday and the day before that they held on to covert Remember over 10,000 cases that was over a couple of days. Was over a couple of days and I'm not downplaying desk. I don't even trust how they actually classified deaths. You know that. I know that matter back. I actually the phone call, um There are people that have finally had enough in the medical industry, the hospital industry. And I have a phone call. I'm hoping it comes to fruition. But I should have a major whistle blower. On everything masks. You need me people in hospitals that worked there. They laugh at the masks. They laughed at all this stuff. And now finally, people are saying this is just crazy. This is just crazy. I'm looking at the deaths. I mean, This song you know, in the summertime from like Joe June 30th. There were 66 deaths, and it was all the way that amount on on an average until about August 2nd 58 deaths and even like August 30 49. With this spike we have We had one day November 17 32 deaths below that there were there was nothing even close 28 1 day and then it's generally in the teens not downplaying the deaths, but it's not even what it was. It's not We're being told. And right now we have 53% right now actually have 10%. Still, it's pretty consistent. 10 11 11 10 for the past couple of weeks. Ah! About the amount of ICU beds that we have available. We're now up to 37% of Covad. I see you. Just 53 others. We still 10% available and they could make more They could make more space. Remember these have all the covert wings at the hospital's member that Never even tried to do that yet. I'm over all that When we get back. I got to get you some what? Magnus said. I also have to get you. Some of these dumb lawmakers didn't try to squeeze in a couple of sound bites of some of the most incredible testimony from Michigan yesterday and in Pennsylvania Press conference. It's all coming up right here. I can istea the morning ritual with Gary Lewis. Trust.

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