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How they specifically say in their songs wall non even if they're like yelling at a woman for being an evil woman there's still calling you a woman as apoe as rather and girl or baby or baby yeah lady um but i i do remember being i i think also when i was a kid if the emotion was a little too big for me in i always it was it was it's really um it comes from an older tradition i think it even though it was on top forty in it i think you are though it may have been percy sledge is version that was the big hit but it was a pop hit team but it's not really up pop song noon now well it's not couched in metaphor like most pop songs yeah which is you know it's one a lollipop little girl lear had kind of baby very naked another song in the same vein that was i don't does made me cry but it's i'm thinking about it right now is we're talking is that song from sweeney todd pretty women now yemen uh in the movie and yet at the mood yeah i love the move idol when they're just talking about how beautiful women are and how they they sort of worship every movement every bit everything they do all these wonderful things it's it's lobby song yeah very sinister mind times got yeah best though heart tigers we really do need to have an all i know we talking about this a lot avenue well sun comes up so often and because there's so many song zoom that makes so many people cry that we just thought looked those just give in jewish areas on our podcast there isn't yeah yeah all right we'll be right back with more liza donnelly the fda doesn't require brands to disclose a comprehensive list of ingredients and their tampons so most of them don't major brands use a mix of synthetic ingredients in their tampons including on in polyester they may also be treated with harsh chemical cleansing agents fragrance and dyes yet but lola tampons are 100 percent cotton with bpa free plastic applicator s.

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