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You're going to run as fast as a leopard. Then let's see you do it. When Peter Weird discusses his nineteen eighty one film Gallipoli? He makes the process of cracking the story send a lot like the structure of the story itself. He started off with an idea about a world war one narrative breath and a friend pointed him toward the Australian involvement at Gallipoli. The Turkish peninsula were some key battles took place is Britain. Allies attempted to knock Turkey out of the war and lost a quarter of a million soldiers before acknowledging defeat in withdrawing a year later while in Britain for the premiere of his film Picnic at hanging rock. We're took a side trip to the battlefield where he says he wandered around for two days among the detritus of a war from sixty years earlier among belton bones and shells from the war. He found an unbroken bottle of fruit salts which we see in his final film acquaint gift from ladies Auxiliary Overseas Senate random to a young soldier who finds it hilariously off-base irrelevant to his current life. The setting in the sense of lives lived and lost on that spot inspired. We're but he says it still took years to crack with the foam should actually be and the development process like the film itself happened in short scattered pieces. He says he and screenwriter. David Williamson initially wanted to start with the characters enlistment in nineteen fourteen and tell the story up to the evacuation of Gallipoli in nineteen fifteen but their drafts. It's felt incomplete now to focus we're told literature slash film quarterly nineteen eighty-one. We are not getting it with this thing was the burning center. That made Columbia legend. I could never find the answers in any books. And it certainly wasn't evolving in any of our drafts. So he put the legend one side and simply made up story about two young men really got to know them. Where are they came from? What happened to them along? The way spent more time getting to the battle and less time on the battlefield. The draft fell into place by approaching the subject obliquely. I think we'd come close close to touching the source of the methods we could. I think there's a Chinese proverb. It's not the arriving at one's destination but the journey matters. Gallipoli is about two young men on the road to adventure venture how they crossed continents in Groshans climbed the Pyramids and walked through the ancient sands of Egypt and the desert to the outback to their appointment with destiny at Gallipoli. Compared to Sam Mendez's World War One drama. Nineteen seventeen which we'll talk about next week Gallipoli may seem scattered as it jumps around. Through incidents in the lives of two young men. Eighteen year old stockman racing champ archie. Hamilton played by newcomer. Mark Lee and railway worker and runner Frank Dunn played by a startlingly young Mogensen. The two briefly meet at a local festival where Archie is after. Break a speed record and frank is just hoping to bet on himself and win enough money to start a small business but he loses the race in winds up broke any tags along with archie. Who's running away from? I'm home and hoping to join the military. Archie is a Patriot full of idealistic dreams about the glory of war. While frank just lets himself be needled into enlisting because archery's accusations of cowardice hurt his pride and because arches conviction infectious. They're separated and then reunited so they both end up traveling. The world on their way to go paulie global is a coming of age movie and and for one of these two characters and ending age movie. But it's also an illustration of an ideal from Australian culture one that has parallels in other countries but maybe not as precise a term from overseas the Larrikin streak. That is the impulse among young men to be Brash Rowdy and anti-authoritarian but in a well-meaning playful way was commonly noted didn't newspaper editorials and literature in the early nineteen hundreds but in World War One specifically it took on a positive spin for Australian culture as Larrikin boys were seen as the national national contribution to an international war. We're specifically captures. The larrikin impulse with his young soldiers mocking the British racing up the Pyramids in Egypt and tricking their way into an officer's there's ball and there's a particular streak in Archie who's under-age and has to fake his way into the army with francs help and glued on facial hair. Archie has his deep seated beliefs about what what Australia the war effort against the Evil Hon. And he can be preachy and judge mental and frank crosses them but both characters are also mischievous and boyish and they seem to see wars larque until they actually get there but the tragedy of Gallipoli isn't just that they're betrayed by incompetent commanders and bad communication. It isn't that they trap themselves in the conflict. And you're left with no way out. It's the up to the end. Both barely passed boyhood and we're captures both sunny hopes and their fears their courage under fire the way their conviction shapes them and by the final final scene both of them are still as we met them in the beginning of that road to adventure with archie running as fast as he can and frank looking for an escape. They're both meant to embody the flower of Australian in youth as lively young men with good hearts the best intentions. The tragedy hasn't where the Larrikin spirit leads them. It's the way the body so many other young men with the same spirits led to the same awful inevitable that end We might say because he's a bright. Yeah so.

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