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To lead Dino Rossi in the race to replace congressman Dave Reichert, still leading by six points. Komo's Charlie harder has the update earlier schreier a democrat told KOMO. She was optimistic about the update on the vote totals. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling great. I think that the voters have told us that they're they're tired of having career politicians. They're ready to have a community pediatrician really take their voices to congress. Well, not claiming victory. Schreier spokesman says Rossi has no realistic path forward. We've reached out to the Rossy camp for comment. Charlie harder. Komo news. First district Representative of the Susan Dell. Benny says she wants to help her fellow Democrats win seats in congress fresh off her win last night, though Benny. And now she's running to become the chair the democratic congressional campaign committee, the triple C's the national group focused on electing Democrats to the house of representatives. She's already in. Charge of finance for the organization. Local Democrats celebrate their gains following last night's midterm election. Komo's Ryan Harris has more from their gathering group. One America votes in their grassroots efforts were praised by democratic congresswoman giant Paul who says the election results are a sign of how many Americans feel right now. I asked Paul what she believes the democrat majority in the US house can do in a divided government. And she says lower prescription drug costs and major infrastructure improvements are possible along with immigration reform. We finally pass a clean dream act that we provide protections for those that have temporary protected status that allows for people who are victims in countries where there have been natural disasters to come to the United States and have protections. I want to see a stop to the family separations at the border. Also asked the Representative who she believes the next house speaker will be let's look and see what our majority looks like I think it will probably be Nancy Pelosi Ryan Harris, KOMO news after weeks of discussion of the mayor. Has proposed budget. The sheriff Seattle city council budget committee unveils her changes balancing package recommending which city program should get funding which should not komo's sue Romero has the highlight the list of twenty-six city offices, including arts, civil rights housing, police and transportation each with line by line funding or lack of.

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