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We'll be right back twenty. Twenty one is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the telecommunications act of nineteen ninety-six the last comprehensive update to internet regulation. The internet has experienced more than a few updates since nineteen ninety-six but internet regulations have not. That's why facebook supports updated regulations on key issues like preventing election interference protecting people's privacy reforming section to thirty and more see facebook's progress on key issues and what's next at about dot f. b. dot com slash regulations. I'm still a tan. And i'm one of the producers of the daily one of the most memorable episodes. I've worked on was about a single mom named yolanda who i got to know over a few months during the pandemic when she was potentially going to be evicted from her home during one of our calls. She told me that her older son had actually decided to leave college in order to work and help her pay the rent listening to yolanda in that moment really crystallized for me how an eviction notice yes it means the threat of being forced from your home but it can also mean an impact on the next generation on the daily. We tell personal stories in part to help all of us better understand how current events shape real people's lives are team is able to put in this kind of time and commitment to a single story thanks to subscribers of the new york times. So if you wanna to keep hearing stories like these the best way you can help us make them is by subscribing to the new york times. Thank you so juliette. Where things going for simone heading into the twenty twenty one olympics in the year before the olympics in tokyo simone biles has to deal with all of these expectations that only have an extra year to grow because of the pandemic so not only is. She expected to win gold medals in tokyo. But she's expected to win the olympic all around. And if she does she becomes the first gymnast in fifty three years to repeat as olympic. All around champion. But by the time simone gets to the olympic trials in june. It looks like things are starting to crack. Simone myers. She takes to the balance. Beam this helmet rate here wolf turn. Nobody's faster than her on the just complete control and reskill. She looks like she's doing a pretty good routine. Merced has tier three elements in a row. A champion right there but on one end of the balance beam. They can't see that because they're judge. She loses her ballots. Struggles to stay on the beam and ends up falling off of it is shocking shopping for sure. But she's almost in tears but she gets back on. It completes her routine or the dismount till dignity capable of doing more and then walks off the mat and.

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