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By going to WTO P dot com and search health. You're listening to WTO pneumo. It's 9 24 and rescue crews worked for hours to save two people on board a small plane that crashed into power lines in Montgomery village last night. WTO's Shana is stolen, breaks down how Cruz navigated a complex mission. It took teams from across the area working together, firefighters from Montgomery county, Washington, D.C., and were told possibly other locations. WTO's John Aaron at the scene last night describing the complicated challenge. It's a white plain that's sitting about a hundred feet suspended in those power lines right next to a large tower. Cruz first had to de energize the transmission tower, then secure the aircraft to that tower and finally get the two people on board the small crumpled plane out. Rescue officials say it went faster than expected, and by 1236 a.m., the pilot and passenger were safe and rushed to local trauma centers seriously injured, but alive. WTO news. Schools in Montgomery county are canceled today because of the power outages from that crash, all power now has been restored, however. New numbers are in this morning on the number of passengers screened by the TSA over the Thanksgiving holiday period. More than two and a half million people went through airport security checkpoints yesterday, that is the highest number of passengers in a single day since before the start of the pandemic. More than 2.2 million passengers were screened on Saturday, slightly down from pre-pandemic numbers in 2019. On Black Friday numbers topped Black Friday in 2019 with almost 2 million people getting screened. Money news at 25 and 55, good morning, Jeff clay bar. Morning John dolman first opening bell of what will be a full week of trading this week. I'll futures or down

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