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The new normal in our lives. Advanced industry will continue working to make your dental visit as safe as possible. No fear. Dentist dot com Tonight it's clouding up. We're down to 28 degrees. For tomorrow. Mostly cloudy my high of 46. But in the late afternoon and at night rain develops alot a 37 on Sunday. There's a morning chance an otherwise cloudy ah, high of 46 from your severe weather Station, a nine first warning Chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio 700 WLW radar shows. Cloudy skies 36 degrees, Ohio's become one of the first states in the country to start the process of vaccinating patients in nursing homes. Shipments of vaccine arriving a 10 locations, those the first to administer shots sales contract with four pharmacies to handle the vaccinations. And it's those companies deciding where to go. First, all the nursing homes were really have the same priority. So we're not picking one nursing home or another. It's a question of how they scheduled them. And there's a lot of logistics involved in regard to that. Two locations of southwest Ohio among the first CVS administering shots of the Ohio veteran's home in Georgetown and Continental Manner Implant Chester Brian comes news Radio seven W. The Cincinnati police were called the Hyde Park Square this afternoon on reports of a robbery at the key bank just before one o'clock, the suspect described as a white man, 6 FT. Tall, thin wearing a black hood E last seen in a gray Chrysler 300 on wasan If you cannot. Police call Crimestoppers at 35 to 30 40 and the Ohio State.

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