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It's true the business leader. It's true that Congress cares about the business people, but honestly if you're going to try to swing voters, it's not clear being entire pro-immigration threat position I mean if you. You look at that these these voters in the middle in in the blue collar voters in the swing states a lot of them are anti immigration. So this is not this is not as you know his other positions, which seemed to Piss off ninety percent of America. They're the ones that are sorta hard understand. This is one of the. Isn't that hard to understand John John Jonathan. Immigration. John it isn't like every voter gets to say hey, president, trump. We know you can't stand Mexican immigration. Where are you on the H.? One B. Front? I mean just don't talk about it. Let the process go ahead. Let the international student thing I agree with you. If it turns out of became a huge issue, he'll end up on the wrong side of the issue because his base is probably on the wrong side, but these are not issues. I don't think that the average person I don't think the average person is worried. I think they are worried about the lower skilled people that you elegantly before described as critical to both the economy and the health of this nation and our families. Think the president look. I'm enough a believer in the American public that I believe if the obfuscation, and in in in and the basically it's just the purpose obvious Gatien thrown up by the president and Fox News, and the like were blown away or could be cleared away. Most people would realize what horrible decision making, but they're not. What most people here is the presence cracking down on immigration? They don't the prince cracking particularly high skilled immigration. Immigration they hear the president's pregnant and immigration. Isn't that great? Let's keep those foreigners out so I. I think that's what he's banking on once again. I, don't think this was as as patently. You know wrong. You know rob politically wrong-headed as you're saying I. I'm not sure it was was patent economically wrongheaded politically I'm not sure you're right. I mean who cares so much. What the advertisers and care someone Harvard Mit Sense. Talking to John Group has. Sent a great question. Based on the specific of how many American companies and innovation etc driven by immigrants. It raises this question. Maybe we should be sending our grade. School students to these other countries at least for middle and high school could come back and Excel as well as the immigrants do. Apparently, our public schools aren't cutting it. You know you do wonder about that to a certain degree I. Mean there obviously are some really I guess. What's your response to that? That's. A great point, it is true that there is an inversion between not higher education higher education, which is a non higher education. The US is mediocre on higher education by far the best in the world. Let me highlight once again to always come back to the book. Let me highlight. We are best in the world higher education, because partly because the government invested a lot in developing paying for graduate students, developing signs that allowed us to employ those graduate students, but nonetheless we are the best in higher education. We're not so good at lower education. One issue shoes raises. This is a whole of discussion we can. Can have another time that people argued I think plausibly is look..

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