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The news dot com Daniel Payne reporting a major teachers union is claiming that the reopening of schools and insist wrecked cannot occur without several substantial policy provision in place, including a moratorium on charter schools and the de funding of local police. United Teachers, Ella at 35,000 strong union in the U. S. D School district were school district in America. I know I went there may those demands in a policy paper released this week, The organization called on Local authorities to keep school campus is closed when the semester begins on August 18th. What does the union wants in order to reopen? Well. They want sequestration of students in small groups throughout the school day, providing students with masks and other forms of protective equipment, redesigning school layout in order to facilitate social distancing, But not just that. I want police to be defunded. What does that have to do with anything? The answer is nothing. They're just using this as a club to wield against the citizenry. We won't let you bring your kids to school. Almost you defund. The cops is a weird one. The union says the police violence is quote a leading cause of death and trauma for black people and is a serious public health and moral issue. A document calls on authorities will shift the astronomical amount of money devoted to policing to education and other essential needs, such as housing and public health. I don't want to come back to school, so why should we be giving you extra money? Privately operated publicly funded charter schools should also be put out of business, according to these public school unions. Why it's almost as though they're using the pandemic as a club to beat the living hell out of all their political opponents. They don't like the cops, and they don't like charter schools who could have imagined they don't like competition from non unionized charter schools. We could have possibly imagined that the public teachers unions would have wanted to use the pandemic has an excuse to defund charter schools. Practice of co locating charter schools in existing structures. It continues add students to campuses when we need to reduce the number of students to allow for physical distancing. Also, the union demands federal Medicare for all Several new state level tax down wealthy people in a federal bailout of the school district. A document says the benefits to restarting physical schools must outweigh the risks, especially for our most vulnerable students in school communities. See, Here's the thing in the private sector. Here's how you would meet this demand by saying you're fired. We just got a bunch of new third grade teachers. In the public school system. It's like, well, we'll think about it. Maybe we'll shut down the charter schools. My goodness. You can't re open unless you shut down charter schools. To be defunded immediately. By the way, a lot of what's going on right now does show the complete bankruptcy of our educational system. I don't just mean lower educational system. Remember, Harvard has said its going completely online. Is only gonna cost you $51,000.51,000 dollars a year to go completely online to get Netflix for, like, 15 bucks a month or theoretically get Harvard for $10,000 a month for your streaming classes. Really well done, which demonstrates by the way that Harvard is not actually university is just a diploma mill. And I say This is a graduate of Harvard Law school. But you're really paying for is the diploma. You're now taking Harvard Extension School, which used to be like 100 bucks of credit. Except you're paying $51,000 for the diploma. Really, really good stuff there, guys demonstrating the full value of your of the bargain. Already coming up. We're gonna be getting to the end A and the NFL and the politicization of everything..

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