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Sri il 6 of yet armed videos seven minutes after three o'clock lead 610 wtvn john corby would be sure happy it's tuesday radio program got a lot of stuff on tap today uh through season as in uh getting into full swing we'll talk with the department of health about uh you don't want the outlook is here in ohio on flu shots and all those sorts of things at 445 landed zak abc news correspondent at the white house president trump with a group of republican senators for lunch to discuss tax reform and possible government shutdown will get the low down on adnan once the level of interest in the cotton bowl uh we'll talk to fred carter of grand view travel about that at five ten and a um i talked to somebody it launched today uh one of our clients as a matter of fact uh from uh uh and he said he's he's going to go to the kandal and he said you know he only live wanson haven't been there before and uh sounded like a good trip and so we'll find out if uh other in i think about the fiesta ball how many times of as allows they benefit esteban six seven like back easy easy and or you know there's only so much to see and do when uh tempe and scottsdale and granted they're not planet um at arizona state anymore they've got a a new fielding and glendale but.

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