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Up right now. Good. And he was gonna go. So what's next? Oh break. Some of those, you know, planned in the future coming down the two right now we've been kind of working with. Voters now politicians because they have a proposal to Jerry. Okay. Yeah. Let's talk about that. Because some of our listeners may not know what that proposal is. What is it? What what is it, which if I vote this way what's going to happen? This way. What's going to have somebody go go? What's football's essentially, the way I understand it is that with proposal to if you vote. Yes, on what you're doing is basically transferring the redistricting power from the state legislator to an independent redistricting commission. The commission would have thirteen members four Republicans for Democrats, and then five independence, and they would be the ones who actually would then redraw the district lines all done out in the public as well any data that they use any techniques all those are open to the public and the public would also be able to submit their own maps and other data as well. So it's all in the public I'll out in the public sphere. If you voted no to that proposal. You're basically saying. For that power did remain at this. Okay. So I guess my. Okay. I'm gonna be the difficult person in a row. So I don't understand why they just can't take it. It just north south east and west is draw some lines just get just do that where people land they land. They don't they seriously. Why can't they just why did it have to be redistricting in the first place? I don't know. I think that's my question. District. The name gerrymander actually comes from salamander because that's the way the lines. Look, they snake around makes no sense. It's not by your communities by how you vote. Yes. Yes. District fourteen and fifteen which is Deborah Brenda Lawrence. And now is I think is Brenda Jones. I don't know if she took the position for thirteen. I think Brennan Lawrence has fourteen I think Brenda Jones has thirteen or something like that book the way, it is the can't are indoor intermingle really really twisted up, really bad. So like across the street from where I live that saw that will be kind yourself seat. Live is Brenda Joneses. I mean, excuse me, it's Lawrence's seat. And if you go a little bit to the right of me, that's kind of your seat again. But if you go back to the little bit over I mean, it is really like snaked out where you sit back and you look at that map. I was just like who did this who was whoever thought to who thought? This was a good idea. Yeah. Always asking why are we redistricting there? I understand that you do it maybe because the population just gets out of control. Now, we got one hundred thousand people in or a million people one little bitty spot under one little bitty district, and you may want to split up because of that. But this say the case here, this is just kind of really weird, right? I think the main motivation behind it is to get yourself re elected. Yes. So if you have to districts that are next to each other, and like three of them vote blue and one of them votes red if you put all of the blue areas together, then now it's just one district versus another district that makes sense. Yeah. Makes sense. Yeah. Exactly. The nazis. Yeah. Not a politicians pick the residents themselves did like them. Under the current plan. They're the ones that drought lines, right? Right. So let me see I need you to vote for me. But you wobble for me. But you to wheel kit. Yeah. In the other district to drive across your new district to vote to we're gonna make it tough. Yeah. I mean, that's okay. Lou. Even the phrasing. If you us they're like, why did we decide to do that? We didn't though they did whoever currently controlled legislator. They're the ones who get to draw the line, right? Which is why it's such a big deal because then the party in power, obviously wants to stay in power. Stay a career politician. Right. So it's like, and then they get to do that behind closed doors. And it's like, well, why would they do that? Because then your vote doesn't matter that we can just carve up. However, we want because we know especially nowadays with the data. You can get from you can just perfectly pixel perfect. Oh, we're gonna carve this out. So even if you had a thousand people voting against you doesn't matter because we literally silenced your voice. So that's just like the what is that the emergency managers for the city's wind date of Michigan voters? We see it. No, correct. We say, no. And then all of a sudden, hey do law. We can have we're gonna have missed. Wait a minute. And I'll be honest with the people that exactly. That should be illegal. That's the people have spoken. Be going. Hey, I don't I don't want a WalMart built here. The people said we don't want to WalMart in Michigan. We'd like, no none. And then the legislators come up. Oh, by the way, we're gonna put fifty warbucks in Michigan and give them a tax break. Right. Yes. Yes. Yes. But we don't wanna wall. But other sudden is talk about having a wall. Yeah. Yeah. We got that's worth billions of dollars. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Country to be on the road. The.

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