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Taxes by one trillion dollars if, it gets much more factual knowing that and not being able to certainly ascertain what will. Happen in what won't happen what's, your basic advice front investor The, basic advice if you're well diversified and your plan is on track that. You stand Pat the best advice, there again eighty five percent of the time had you made changes in prior election years. You would have made a mistake Stand-pat if you've got a lot of cash sitting around I'd say maybe you wanna play a little, defense I wouldn't make radical changes to. The portfolio but you could play, a little defense be a little bit more. Cautious because there is going to be increased volatility in the months leading up to the election like ran, right now the weeks leading up to the election so we do see increase volatility but not necessarily changes and trends to, play a little defense can make. That it's really years two and three of. A presidential cycle that the market That the president The president's term is defined by the market market to the most differentiated in. Those two years third years in, the first year they're laying. Out their policies they're putting. Their team together there's a lot of, angst and hand but nothing's really happening yet this in the second and third years where you start to see increases in debt and deficit driving interest rates out or increases, in taxation, driving you know Grosso let me let me just interject by saying you're bringing these really salient points up I'm gonna have you get more specific and we'll. Address couple of the issues that, I brought up on on. On taxes on on bonds. Etc so scenario when again I wanna, tell Al speak on your behalf did this is really a political it's really your speculation based clarify here on qualifying from incorrect it's based upon your speculation not what you, want to, happen not not you love or hate Friday the opponents and I that's accurate isn't it Yeah and it was so much speculation it's looking at the historical data. Running across sexual analysis and looking at by party and by. Presidential year in the cycle, so it's not even speculation data. All right. Let's look at the data let's go, to tax, policy Clinton. Versus Trump Okay so now. Who want. To now look the market. Overall but look at how it affects individual Yeah I think before I jump into the cat policies. And things like that we're looking. At here is Clinton looks to be, doing more of the same she wants to do a. Better she wants to do it. More together but it's more of the same. Which. Is slow growth so we've had very slow growth we've, had increasing deficit been a slow rate Really been. A very blah stagnant sort of economic environment Taking quote unquote down but, very very slowly yeah there are positive thinking, talked about I'm not talking about, the Obama presidency down but the economy. Is really blah and Clinton, wants more of, the same so it's much more predictable not really attractive but you know not terrible Trump, represents radical change now at work that could be great but there's also, a much higher risk because, if if it doesn't work if the naysayers are right, there could be catastrophic qualified people talk about so trumpet. It gave the really, good or really bad with Clinton it. Much more steady but the trend, is not really attractive So As far as policy, goes Clinton wants to continue? What..

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