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Weekly facts based journey through the cosmos where we help you understand not only what we know, but how we know what we know, I've risen cain publisher of university with me as always Dr. Pamela gay a senior scientist for the Planetary Science Institute and the Director of cosmic. How're you doing I'm doing well? It's it's. Summer is almost summer hiatus, but we've got nowhere episodes like three more episodes including this. Thanks so yeah, until for people who who aren't familiar of course across all of the cosmic quest empire. We take a much needed vacation over July and August to replenish our energy and mostly just to spend. A couple of months, not having to find our way too high speed Internet and all the. And I find it really. recuperative and so. Now I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen with the world, but but astronomy cast weekly speeds. Hang out virtual star parties and the open space. Do they're all gonna go on hiatus for the next two months? Some of the other stuff that I still do the the the non live stuff. Qa's guide to space videos all work universe today the newsletters. All that is still going to happen, but I just will be able to do that from from the. Having to live high speed Internet so we're. Days just a couple of episodes away from everything going on hiatus, and we're going to be taking weeks throughout the summer to do daily space, but one of the big things that we have planned is normally in the summer. You and I would be going to various events traveling all over the place..

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