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Air one thing we do know the game will be played in miami that's because of hurricane urbach massive storm powerful could very well hit florida this weekend where we don't know but certainly going to have an impact somewhere in south florida is what it looks in the state's going to need resources like police for something other than a football game espn's dan glaviano the buccaneers is supposed to play the dolphins in miami on sunday and obviously if there's going to be a hurricane in florida they're not going to want to play that game there so there are ongoing discussions about what to do could they move it to a different location could they move into a different date play it thursday or friday if that would help that teams at the same by week in november so you could move it to that date now obviously that takes away the by makes a play sixteen games in a row and and no one wants that but it's a hurricane in a someone's going to be inconvenienced and obviously they're not going to play it there's a hurricane hitting their bigger things at issue there not the least of which is the safety of everyone involved so these discussions are happening today it's possible they could make a decision today but you know it's a hurricane that could still be unpredictable so they wanna make the best possible decision given the information they ha box remain weather pittsburgh in philly our to neutral sites should they try to play this week the decision will come on wednesday both teams have their by november 19th so it could be played at that point somebody's going to be upset inconvenience at the very least especially if the teams wind up losing their by we can have to play sixteen consecutive weeks sports center all night espn radio to baseball hey opted was in seattle earlier tonight she was taking in some baseball specifically she'd be taking the astros of mariners more specifically she was taking her fiance just berliner and his first start with houston oh toupee says the liner off occurred later maybe the right hip medicare's towards online at the pace they're gonna have to check out early and are pretty quickly here's jeremiah randall the head athletic trainer for the astros and aj hentschel pop out of the dugout get to the mound quickly as all the end filters in the catcher are to.

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