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Last two. three something years now and we're nowhere close to getting that fight but if we have a chance to see champion by champion will be about as you have the goal toward because we as rough too many politics in deciding who's on this side of the sweet. But if i have a window the make if we can make a good fight that people wanna see now. I'd rather go for that. Because i had the way boxing day are saying it's a smart earlier titles as you can see. They switch hands like that now. Like when coming into twenty twenty one you had me. Joe dias All with belts tat one thing or another Judge he lost his title because the whole the whole situation which outlaws tunnel to ask a boundaries in fight that people actually gave bow. There's less of a chance of winning. Denied the me beating. You know french and so that it changes that. If i had to i gotta go now. I agree and look i mean. There's no reason that the winner of valdez versus you couldn't fight you or and twenty twenty two. It's just another massive sailings love score. But he has time when his. We don't know i don't have it. You know amanda stage. Where they were bernard hopkins. Thirty five years old. His best friend came against trinidad. You know guards. I admire rinky right. It took commuters to get those those big When he got that maternity he took it when he fought Also you know. He took opportunity so opportunity to fight another champion light. Winky wright four chain machine with the champion will. They both had titles but shane he was demand. Why not take a badge of that in. Go fight another champion says to no further you know pad my own resume You know champion fighting champion champion chantey and talking to you right now. I mean i remember you after the pretty down like a lot of the stuff that was said and written sort of took a toll on you mentally to the point where you were talking about. Maybe i'll retire. Maybe frampton will be my last fight. You seem reinvigorated right now. Maybe that's a huge win will do for you. But you seem reinvigorated and not to say you're looking at the fight your forties but you seem to think you have some good fights ahead of you. I definitely do. I did because i just needed his need the rest and christie macaluso smeeting. So you see are more ways of fan of the sport. And when i see all the other good man i wanna be imparted. Something big myself out Because you know. I live. I live i live right. I don't out here like right now at home resting not out here partying in clubs celebrating because of my big window already. Not even a week later. I'm already looking forward to the next big thing you know. I always say to myself. I'll done but right now..

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