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Did the tour guys didn't like it. It kind of pushed him back out. They wanted him back in for the for the big twenty fifth anniversary of the band and the battle rages on represents that in nineteen ninety three and it couldn't have been more aptly titled the battle raged on and i think they both were spinning out of control and at one point blackmore walks out in the middle of the tour over. What i don't know. Does it really matter all these years later. I mean like it was over. Something stupid you know had couldn't have been anything consequential. You came to the rescue. The silver surfer. Joe sach riady seriously. The silver surfer saved the day. He was asked to join the band for good but he had his own plan. Glad he's stuck to but he almost became the next guy in purple blackmore left in. That job fell to the one. And only steve morse. Who was in dixie dregs and had been in kansas and was with deep purple and has been with them ever since. And that's the lineup. I guess what do you call this. Now mach seven eight seven seven and. That's when. I really walk into the picture. They were at the end of the perpendicular tour get it perp and dick euler they on cfc and they were at the end of that tour and That was the follow up to their their orchestra album. They also did. And i'm that i was in the middle of help to promote radio abandoned Or as we always called it a band on a joke inside jokes about stuff you know unplayable off and on in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. If they had been able to get over into were more. I think the purple would have re emerged as one of the preeminent bands that they are and i don't know that that contributed to the way they retreated as far as being not lead into the rock and roll hall of fame soon enough which is leaving that about the hall. But that's what happens man and things start to slow down guy start to get older. You know they started doing. The long by or ian has a heart issue. I think it was hard issue now. I don't know what this means but they call it a transient as schemic attacked or a mini stroke. They had a cancer shows and he. And obviously you know Take arrest and they said there was no permanent damage or anything too serious and he has been able to play since then but You know we worry about our heroes. When they get be you know in their seventies. And all. But i wanted to tell you something that i found out just the other day john. We decided he was going to retire. If we got sick and passed and don airey had been in and out. He'd helped them and been around them and was a good friend already. Knew everything and everybody felt right so in more decided at he was going to retire. He wanted to make sure he didn't have any second thoughts about it. So as a living. Will i guess he gave or will his hammond organ that used on all those shows and all those records to don airey who is still to this day the keyword player of record in deep purple. John wall. Jon lord has left this mortal coil. His buckingham and goes on stage. Wherever deep purple is in is plugged in wherever they go to record. And i fucking love that. Oh my goodness jon. Ward is deep purple as ray was to the moody blues. Some people that just whiteley do the essential work but at least you took some time to enjoy life after retirement. Just retired marcus friends. We grew up on the same street in always leaves a friends exchanging plots on this stuff in a few years. I wanna do you got more than a few good years left in you but don't wait too long. That's what people tend to do. We tend to want to do stuff that we love because it doesn't feel like work. That's what these guys tried to do and have tried to do and john was smart enough. Say you know what me and the hot twain are going to have some fun for a few years while we still can. Don't forget that part of your outlook on life. Take a lesson from deep purple if you must guy played with them once jordan russa's now who's jordan met jordan when he was touring with the latest incarnation of dream theater and he's also part of portnoy's liquid tension experiment and he played one show with them. He filled in. 'cause area was sick or couldn't make knows his daughter's wedding thing so they needed somebody and that was back in march of twenty twenty goto their wikipedia page and you want to get an idea of all the members of deep purple and all the different marks that were joking about. They have mark one mark to mark a not to be confused with eight. Two fe mardi three mark for mark to be or not to be marked five martinez e mark. Six six seven and eight. Which is the line that we have. Now which is really. You're looking at that mark to lineup with. Don airey steve. Moore's by the way they now done five records together since two thousand three and may have a six album which we were talking about earlier in the podcast We're getting up this week. That they've got a camp down running to What everyone is hoping and expecting to be a new album. Website is turning to crime dot com. Go check it out and keep up on our the camp down to new music from deep purple. We hope right. I'm excited for new music. From deep purple. It could be. The name of a song could be the name of an album. We do not know yet. We know it's something musical that we can tell you we're sitting here Heading into faw. Twenty twenty one and they have a plan to tour in europe. Looks like Late starting in istanbul turkey deep purple looking to tour in twenty twenty to like a lot of bands. They've kind of decided to sit out and they've got some rescheduled shows for you In italy and in france norway and germany these law those dates that got bummed because of covert are scheduled into the summer next year. So check your tickets and check your promoters looking at that and you're looking to get those deep purple shows. There's so many great songs in so many great albums that changed. The era am was partly argument for the inclusion in the rock and roll hall of fame. Right from the very damn beginning of thing. One things is under appreciated is the involvement of mart birch. I really help them. And obviously album that is the centerpiece of de purples. Life will be montross famously. Smoke on the water written because of the fire at the casino. Frank zappa makes it into a deep purple song. That was kind of a cool thing and so they had to make a plan be and they set up with the rolling stones truck waiting just outside right van spot at the grand hotel which is also immortalized in the song. They talked about the mantra casino. Where the fire happened some stupid with a flare gun right..

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