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Sliding around on the way to pawn hockey use the built-in load stop to help keep them in place. Loading what seems like half a teams worth of bags the tailgate? Also turns into a step for easier access and has an inner gate that flips down for unloading, all the gear you can fit GMC. Sierra Denali, we are professional grade. You were right off the top of the show total geek out moments for me. My first time ever talking to Peter Forsberg. I was a huge fan. He trying to let the fan bleed into the professional when you're in this side of the industry, but I was a huge Peter Forsberg fan. So I am a huge Peter Forsberg fan loved watching that guy play hockey for a number of reasons. One of which and I'll go back to something you said on last week's podcast, and you're a big bore you saw Ming Finn and for the longest time. What did we hear about Swedish hockey players to Saad can't play in the NHL? I love the fact that for a period of time as the peak performer Peter Forsberg was the premier power forward in the NHL as a Swede completely broke the mold and broke the stereotype of mini Swedish hockey players previous to him. You know what I loved about? The interview me is that while side from yourself is that he knew exactly the play you were talking about with Kenya. Elson eligible championship. Look, I think I know something about hockey, you really know a lot about hockey. I think your knowledge of older stuff and things that happened is much cheaper than mine. Everybody knows but still, but I I like I everybody just knows different things. Yeah. But I'm off some of the stuff you remember, you know, for example, and we had Longo and you ask moorings, and he looked at you like, you're nuts. And like, we we all have lists. You know, exactly. Like my whole career. I've tried to ask different questions ninety percent of the time. It's worked but ten percent of the time it is really gone badly. And when it goes badly it goes badly. That's great. I love it. Now, you know. So you asked that question Longo, and he looks at you like, you're nuts. But you say that the fours Berg, and he like that is a v neck homerun because he connects on your fastball. And he knows exactly what you're talking about any goes right off at that. For me was excellent. I mean, I was blown away at the beginning when you see in watch hockey for a while. Right. But I thought that moment where he knew exactly the Kent meals and move. You were talking about was outstanding. See I loved Forsberg for number. I even loved Forsberg at the end, you know, when everybody was saying, you know, Peter wrap it up trying to find different boots because it had the the foot issue and couldn't find the right boot to to keep his career going. And there was a whole bunch of you know, you're ruining your. Reputation and leave the stage while they're still clapping. And no, no, no, I loved Peter Forsberg for the fact that they had to drag him off the ice..

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