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Restaurant? Hoboken. Dean blandino is whatever that guy's probably probably bills. Just down the corner old old joint owned by Bill. Was it Joey sirloin. Joey, Joey, Serlin sushi shop. Phony reference the Joey Serlin comments, funny reference, because right now the audience has not heard our outback steakhouse segment yet. We definitely didn't record this after the pod. Hey, that's just a little hit your you get a lot. Outback steakhouse talk later than Sepah fish. They're not like in sixty four games either. They. No. All right. We'll just move onto the Claudia's questions which came after we recorded this. What is one movie that you would like to take back in time and show to people in the nineteen fifties? So back, don't million, say fifties. Pick a movie that you would like to take all the way back in time to certain and show people doctor. Strange, doctor, strange. It just visually, I think would fuck people really bad, like a lot of those scenes where they have the conception would be the same difference for this for me or like interstellar anything with like really insane. Lifelike, visual effects would be cool to do. Imagine if you showed people back in like the twenties thirties, inception with their minds. Fucking melt. Yeah. Yeah, it'd be crabby fucking insane. They would know what is this? What is this goes magic. They fucking burn the streets. The probably I mean, they burn us whether showed it to them, whoever showed it to burnt alive. I jail inception or even any of the comic book movies of comic book characters at had already been created will yes. Point. Superman was still around, like I feel like if you show them superman movie, they'd be like, oh, wow, this is really neat. Turn it on its head, maybe not on its head would movies. Would you show that depict like historical events that happened between nineteen fifties in now that would like people be like, wait what the fuck that that that happens in the future. Like you could show them j. f. k. or something like that. And they'd be like, this stuff actually happens like this is crazy or the moon landing a moon, landing movie. What if you show them like days futures past or something, and just told him that that actually happens mutants are real and they get exposed in your time line or you just go to win. They're announcing the frost Nixon interviews drop the movie frost Nixon who were like, what the fuck or you go book the spot of the Washington Post and use drop the movie the post and just like, see how they react. Like what happens is like, we just exposed you. You show them rideshare and they're like, damn this shit suck. S. I don't even get the references, but this. What if you went back into time and you took one of the worst movie you've ever seen or like the emoji moving you drop that right in the lap of like someone making like one of the first like actual color picture feature films or do they maintained course, and would it be gone with the wind for share? I would have been the highest rated movie of all time is grossing movie of all time. This is amazing. Look at all the vibrant colors in this mode. What? What is Pandora? I don't exactly know what that is yet, but back to future your kids will love it. It's like Abernathy, armistead like writer for the New York gazette is just like you really you empathize with the struggles of Mel men apparent running through the trial tribulations of their trial. Can the Spotify app be thing in the future. Yeah. I mean, we're, we're thinking too strong about inception to most thing you would take back in time would note people's brains, like I don't even think it requires the level of inception doctor strange to do that, like no matter what you bring back, what What is. is them like like the last Jedi or something to somebody who just got out of leg new hope. I think something like the jungle book would melt people's minds. Traffic is something that had, what did we see recently that we thought had really good CGI not, oh, Winnie the Pooh. So that has some accounts ending. So you showed Winnie the Pooh to them. They saw the GI they might just think it's real. So you mean trill like yes, like free people onto thinking that in this day and age animals and like dollars can now speak..

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