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But there's also sacrifices on a regular basis mandated sacrifices and that's not including the free will offerings that the jews were encouraged to give just as a baseline. The jews gave to god in one form or fashion or another thirty to forty percent so to to take a round number like ten percent and just to fix it to the offering is a really big problem now. We ran into an interesting problem in college because we were broke. We were poor. There was no income right. There was no no no more money coming in. We had we. Neither of us had a job and save some money to get through the first couple of months and it was interesting that around that time. Mark reynolds great preacher. He was preaching a lesson on giving and he talked about maybe a baseline that we should consider as ten percent and so afterwards we walked up tomorrow. And we're like what do we do. We have zero income. What's ten percent of zero now. I don't have to be a math whiz to know that that's zero and so two two draw on ten percent might be a good baseline for some people or a good way of thinking about it but it really misses the point. And that's really what. I wanna get out this evening. It really misses the point when we set on ten percent. And you have been in the world. You've been with people of the world and even religious people and i use that term loosely. In the way. That paul used it of the people who were at mars hill for instance. They're very religious. Just not in the right direction. But there's a lot of religious people a lot of people who consider themselves christians and they will literally equate tithing to the offering. Will i tie tells you to do when he tells you to. Do is offering a different way. And so when we're talking about offering it's important to understand that the offering is separate and apart from the lord's supper it is also separate and apart from tithing they are not the same..

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