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His first goal in three months after good play from the Spratlys in Chen and never bolt avid Silva dog side. Kevin the Bruins injuries gonna be out for the known time. With a muscular strain is latest challenge in a season. Which is already miss. This is Zhang twenty games through injury. It's doubly astonishing we Alesa for not gay to watch him play weekend. We count the loss of KDB the clean devastation. It would scupper any other clubs challenge. It's just kind of Jinja speed bump for the luggage munches to city school, David because they look down the bench Lacey remarriages. And by the way, he's not the only person who can come to replace him. And he's also the only singer the Lepore is out. There's a squad worth of left backs. On the sideline is where we all day. This is a meeting two months iffy of lost three more games livable. But are headed the two points stroz killers people they were. I think the plane will life in this tile race twist tunes. You know, we we we're talking now is city a cyborgs again that they're going to clear out. But it wasn't so long ago that city had they're losing spell then sitting at that constipated spell where they really want scoring goals thing. This many more personas left for both Liverpool and Manchester City before we reach the end of the season. Right. No, absolutely immensity on crushing opponents right now. Having a lot of very close games. Find it all the time. You're watching games and you're looking up at the schools, new realising? Why how it's still mil mil manatee still on a head here. Liverpool Adeniji running when you look at the schedule to come more home games. Manchester City, everyone is looking at the rule in four days in a deal in which they play Manchester United, and then taught them Hotspur and around the same time livable left to play teams managed by two boys. Rebenito's Brendan road. Just do not please do not call this title. Ray specific just yet once who may be out of the title race, though, rubs Tottenham. They could ask good result. But maybe not good enough arsenal. One Tottenham one. It was a top four clash with massive Saint tottering day implications though, and it was the home side who jumped out in front in the sixteenth minute eventers bound Welshman Aaron Ramsey capitalize on a Spurs defensive era to Cooley, but awesome ahead, but in the seventy third minute with Spurs on the brink of a third straight defeat. Harry Kane, drew and converted a penalty to level the score in the ninety first minute referee. Anthony Taylor awarded another penalty. This time to ask. It was a weird award that one but substitute Pierre. Emmerick Obama Yang saw his timid effort saved by Hugo said ends one Spurs. They third arsenal slip into fifth and Chelsea got a game in hand coming up behind them. Here the game began with also fence howling it ended we've also funds howling. But the two different reasons. Emory's also team selection. Five changes Noah, Bama young. But it proved to be an inspired high risk decision. It was a game with massive top-four place states and a tasty Darby atmosphere an opening tackles temporary hands the space old passion milk quality, also propelled by the excellent Mikka -tarian, they really targeted Spurs. Biggest technical weakness right now, they've which is just seem exhausted notice squad rotation as all of that competitors of Chelsea probably and they do leg shattered depleted of injuries. No, new fresh blood, put Schettino, relentless training regimen. Definitely taking its toll on the also go. It was remarkable one second Cain had the ball in the Oeste Larrea Spurs crowd holds that breath expecting you go, and they got one this Cain fellow ver the poor spattered. The other end like that deafen some chest blundered leaving Ramsay the oddly. Dispensable legend to charge of a whole Hof empty space ahead of him so much time too much time in school queue complex mood. Swing emotion but Spurs they've Taneja they kept coming and they have a plan who. He's not like the other children Roach..

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