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Morning. So now that school's out you know. Maybe i'll get the food for thought to myself again and i don't have any interlopers there all right. So let's let's go ahead and wrap it up for this week before we do that. Any final words of wisdom. Sammy from folks out there who are looking to kind of get started through zero trust or or how they should be looking at things. All i'm all i'm going to say pika pika project that is important and find a sponsor if you find a sponsor you make their life a lot easier every day that i m magic that you can add to that. That's your bad to happen. If that's how you get these things you know. Above the line that gets funded and And get the resources to do very good. Jim how about you. Any final words wasn't for this week. I think we should spray. Paint zero trust on the outside at the identity at the center. Podcast tro certified. Maybe i'll which zero trust one hundred percent more zero trust or something like that some weird stat that nobody's gonna ever fact check or or care to all right. Well let's go ahead and leave with them for this week. Sammy thank you so much for joining us. This hopefully very very it was very helpful for me and hopefully the audience on it as well. Some tangible takeaways things that they can start thinking about I think really you know this model of education in zero trust and really breaking down and making sure that identity is protected wherever it may be is really where we want to be from a security perspective when it comes to identity so hopefully people are able to take that away and get to check out the show notes for for this episode. We'll have links to there to that actor report that we kind of briefly talked about as well as the The cyber security framework and then also if you want to connect with sammy. We'll have a wink to sammy's lincoln profile Where people can reference reach out in case they've got questions and things like that so So without we're going to go ahead and leave it for this week. You can find us on the web at identity at the center dot com and you can follow us on twitter at ac podcast and with that..

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