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To the parents of the campers and troop went oh three. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You're a troop leader could not attend our first overnight camping trip, and I was put in charge. I'm sorry. My knowledge of the wilderness is limited to what I've seen from windows of comfortable hotels. I'm sorry that didn't prevents me from taking them hiking. And I'm really sorry. I forgot the GPS. I'm sorry. When I ran back for it. I noticed a Milky Way and Cooper's tent. I'm sorry. I was so into the chocolates new Gooden caramel. I lost all track of time. And soon thereafter, every member of troop one zero three I'm sorry. It took three choppers. Thirty seven state troopers and a team of counts to find them. I'm sorry when we found them a pack of wolves had taken them in as their own. I'm sorry. Your children's still held at night. And in the day. I'm sorry. I've options the film rights their story. I'm sorry. I was eating a Milky Way. Always prepared Mike Ackerman. Former troop leader ends Milky Way eater. Right now, there is someone up to no good somewhere. Well, Boston Herald reporter is aware. We are the Boston Herald. Now back to Sweeney in the loan on Boston. Hello radio. All right. Society. I'm not sure it's one of your official rejoin tons. All right. All right on the line right now is one of the guys. He came out of MIT. He worked on. Research on some kind of drug that helps a lot. Won the Nobel prize for help. His name is Frank. It's not great. Frank. Toilet. Toilet. Frank. Well, what does that mean? I didn't think you were going to call me this quick. Mart. What's up Frank? Franks part of the the movie night too. But what I wanted to get him to Lincoln mass. Can you see Frank Santa rally in Lincoln? What is that? Frank was spent thirteen years nine years, ten episodes something on the sopranos. He did movie with Robert deniro. He does a lot of stuff wonderful, actor and comedian. What's it like in Lincoln, Frank? It's great. Nice and quiet. Yeah. And many pies in like an bright, not many. A lot of older folks, driving trucks, but ladders on them. Right. And they're also like husband and the sopranos take themselves more seriously than the rest of us. Frank. What's your favorite episode of the sopranos? Oh my God. From when you Jesus. He's like Corleone. Shoot the chief police. I got I got an odd favorite for you from the sopranos. Sure, you remember when Tony one of the house and the guy says, you know, I'm not going to give you your money back. Right. And he says, yeah, you you'd think you'd think we're crude and he puts the boat out across the guy's house and things has Tony Bennett. Singing. Kind of like that the volume level was like on eleven. Yeah. Yeah. That one I like I like the pine Barrens. Yes. Couple episodes one where I get beat up with the phone. I mean with urine Bassett painting pong ralphie one. I'm in thirteen. That. That's right. I'm in more than Gandolfini you bled. More that that episode than anybody in in the Chuck. Exactly. Yeah. I get beat up with a soda get beat up. And then you're kind a little things I'm at the door hustling strippers back which went really good with the daycare center where my kids were. Caparros wacky never thought. It was the one where I'm working the door of the back room of the back. Wow. Naked women, which which one is the pine thing. Referring to which episode was that John? That was that was the one where paulie walnuts and Christopher get stranded. In the middle of the pine Barrens, which is a real wasteland in New Jersey where you could literally die out there. There's remember when one where they took Pauly's girlfriend out into the woods, the bumper off remember that that was good girlfriend. Yeah. That was that was scary scary. I like to what we're paulie was getting haunted. It went to I pay you for this. Exactly. Yeah. The just when he killed a woman in the old age home took her money. Oh, yeah. It was like that was kind of gut wrenching. 'cause paulie needed some cash. Is there anything on television now that you can jump into this? If you want Tom there anything on television. Now that's in the same league as the sopranos as far as quality. No, no, no way. It's the last thing. I really. Yeah. There really isn't. Yeah. I like billions billions billions. Yep. Good show. But the sopranos I think it's the greatest drama ever. Yeah. That was good. You know, what I you know, what I thought was most amazing part of that whole thing. Frank Santa early of Frank. All my friends. They always said we want more Polly. But when when told me and his wife just in terms of acting when they were arguing. Perfect. Falco who was the what was her name Lorraine Bracco Lorraine, Bruce, I in good solid. Yeah. Although the casting was spectacular. I guess she was in good. All the things that happened at home. You'll he's Tony the Dan his son so obnoxious, but that's perfect. Yeah. Apart at the family. That's driving. Raising the kid in real life. Actually, get in trouble. No a little bit. Yeah. A little bit. Someone else did the other kid in the Bronx tale. Yeah. He got real trouble. The other kid got in minor. Wow. Yeah. He he grabbed some kid on the street corner. Yeah. Agent block like blocks down there. Smoker giant or something and the cops that who were they. Goes right over there. Grabbed him and pulled them away. You can't touch me. I'm on the sopranos. Is that what he said he said that he said that. Sopranos sometimes in these newspaper one little item in the ledger was about a year ago. And I thought it was priceless woman down in Rockland. She went to the police and she said. You know, I've been buying drugs for this guy from. Years and he. I went down there. He took my money. A real issue reported to the Better Business Bureau. The attorney general a really you're under arrest, America's dumbest criminals. Are you going to be rooting few Cleveland Browns? He's pranks from Cleveland. Yes. I know they're planning the Steelers. I imagine that they win highest paid defensive player in NFL history. Right. That's now Khalil Mack with the bears. I thought he wants to know the Browns Browns have a good defense. All they do got Garrett. Boy being on hard knocks. Once you've watched that show. Once you're on that show. You're not gonna win. They don't want it. There's a certain rule to if you've made the playoffs the year before you can't be in it. No, I know they just refuse to do it. This year the Browns were on the high knocks. Yeah, they're very dysfunctional. Yeah. No, uniforms are horrible. I know. Oh, my back to the old school your forms. Yeah. Unforgivable? But you know, what you know what Frank the Cleveland Indians are going to win the World Series. Really? You hate it here. Yes. The World Series. I I did. It was challenged Shane pitching. Yes. It's going to be closing. Call a veto Cleveland. Cleveland is actually a great city. It's got a bad rep. And I did a gig there. I went to Clinton initial stadium. And the material we get because no one's there. You say your own waitress. Tenderness? Yeah. You call and ask what time does the game start time? Can you make it in time? Can you? Steve. Yes. The first pitch what Frank's going to do next Tuesday. Because Frank's got a nice role in this movie. He this what he said to me he said as soon as my part is over I'm going to stand up Walker. But he's in till the end of the movie roles. That's how we roll Frank. You're going to be the tuxedo Tuesday. Yeah. Go ahead Frank Sinatra's in Vegas, and Johnny Carson gets tickets and sits right up and they go, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome chairman of the board Frank Sinatra and he walked out and Carson stood up with Joanna Kartini went check. Please. The whole room exploded into last year for five minutes. Do you? Remember, do you? Remember, the Rickles story with what Sinatra? Yeah. Yeah. Talk for two years. That's yeah. Yeah. He was that was the date the date. He was on a date with. He had crank come over. And he said Frank stop bothering me. But yeah, Frank didn't talk to him for two years that is that true. They didn't talk. But he was mad. Frank Sinatra was not app. Listen. Let's crank please I'm with people here. Frank Sinatra Frank Santa rally. Listen to Torelli is the monster truck of comedy, by the way. I gave him in Montreal. Guy. I wanna know where you're having lunch. And would you order? I'm in in Waltham at Franco's. Okay. Are you stunned? What you did you have? Did you have a Bryant is what do they call it? Now blunt. Have a blunt you follow the trial? No, I haven't. I haven't been smoking marijuana. How are the grapes of Franco's? What are the grapes? Yemen. Greg snap. Let's see here. Thank you so much. We're going to do our football selections for the opening night of football NFL..

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