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Emergency evacuations issued again for parts of central California as rivers, including the San Lorenzo keep rising. Reality here. In Salinas, fears the river there could breach its banks and fled the country's salad bowl, where 70% of lettuce is grown The April harvest is in jeopardy. At CBS Dana Bacchus reporting from Los Angeles, it's 6 34, the UK becomes the first western nation to pledge to send tanks to Ukraine, Downing Street promise comes as stepped up attacks by Russian and Russian mercenary troops happen in Ukraine in the last two days. CBS News correspondent Deborah pada tells us. Instrumental in this push Russian oligarch evgeny prerogative who wants his Wagner troops to get all the credit. He released this footage, claiming he was in solidarity handing out medals to his men. They captured it in two weeks. He boasted they're probably the most experienced army in the world. The truth is these men are convicts, recruited from prisons around Russia and pardoned under dubious circumstances in exchange for fighting on the front line. The British prime minister promises tanks and artillery systems to Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people protested in Tel Aviv during a pouring rainstorm to protest the government of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government's proposed changes to Israel's judicial system, many in The Crown held signs comparing Netanyahu to Russian president Putin. The president of Israel's Supreme Court attacked the proposed changes as an unbridled attack on the legal system and said they were designed to force a fatal blow on the independence of the judicial system. Proposed reforms announced last week by Israel's justice minister would seek to reform Supreme Court nominations through a review committee and enable the parliament there to overturn Supreme Court rulings. Nepal authorities say 68 people are now confirmed dead after a plane crashed into a gorge in Nepal while trying to land at a newly opened airport in a central resort town. Rescuers are going through the crash site about a mile from that new airport. No word yet on what caused the plane to go down and plane was operated by Nepal's Yeti airlines, 68 passengers on board plus four crew members. More outcry over the execution of a dual British Iranian national CBS Adriana Diaz tells us Iran announced that it executed a former deputy defense minister an action a U.S. called appalling and sickening. Ali Reza Akbar, who held dual British and Iranian citizenship, was convicted of spying for Britain. He reportedly confessed after extensive torture Akbar, who was 61, was hanged. The British prime minister calls Iran of barbaric regime, coming up on WTO P after traffic and weather, they took a dip in the cold for charity. 6 36. This is an important notice to consumers facing $10,000 or more in credit card debt medical bills or other unsecured debt

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