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Christian Royal opened his series with the Astros over six with five strikeouts. Not great, but the Red Sox infielder had a heck of a bounce back last night in a 12 8 wind help avoid Stroh suite. Royal homered and drove in four runs First two games of this series. Not very solid for me. I was getting away from my approach. Kinda got a little swing happy there. I was trying to do way too much. And so I wanted to come in here today, you know, stay within myself and and kind of do the same thing that everyone else. Was doing which was controlling the strike zone. JD Martinez homered as well, and Christian Vazquez had three R B I to go along with three hits socks because the Blue Jays tonight Cam Newton missed the Patriots OTA yesterday with a bruised hand, but he is expected to be okay. Tight end Hunter Henry appeared to enter his left ankle but reportedly nothing serious there either. Mandatory minicamp starts Monday. Pats and Giants will hold joint training camp practices in Foxboro before their pre season finale in August, and the NBA will officially returned to its normal October to June calendar. Next season. Adam Kaufman, WBC Boston's news radio. It's Friday morning on the roadways. Let's find out if we're we're getting any relief out here. Basement technologies this time sponsors the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Laurie, What's happening? Well, Jeff Day by day, day by day. Oh, Dear Lord, it's getting better in some spots, but you know what? Every single day we're seeing that heavier volume as things reopen out there Northwest Expressway. We have some problems right now with the disabled truck at the end of the exit ramp to Columbia Road. It's also tied up granted to Columbia Road there, so expect that slow down the South side has kicked in as well. Columbia Road to Neponset Circle as people head South. No major problems for so far in root. Three, though fingers crossed, stays that way 93 sap and continues to beat up from Mr Gap to deliver connector, which is jammed and the Tobin Bridge continues to be heavy as well. Getting to that level connectors, especially tough getting through the city Square tunnel. Not quite as bad as it usually is on the Chelsea side there, which is nice. All right, Let's check out that situation on the upper end of 1 28 with Kristen ex. She's over it in the WBZ NewsRadio. Traffic copter. Laurie, We had a broken down a box truck. 1 28 sound found down here room 28 reading before you get to the cloverleaf. It was over in the breakdown lane with state police and everybody was looking at it. So we had this back up. They went back into Linfield. Here's the good news. The truck drove away a little while ago. So there's nothing left to look at. But we still got the backup back to Main Street, Lindfield. Christina and the WBZ NewsRadio. Traffic Copter Gotta crash to watch out for in Natick. This is East down on the Mass pike right by route 30 across from the Framingham Service Plaza. Laurie, Granny WBC's traffic on the three you've ever had water in your basement. You know it's likely going to happen again. Dry Basement, though, is so important to a healthy home. That's why basement technologies is standing by there ready to help you out today and they're just a phone call away 1 800 Busy dog Keep moisture out in your basement Drive for good call 1 800 Busy dog today Live Local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. Blue sky still hanging tough.

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