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World countries like all of Europe, Except for England. Our number two that aren't super place right over this. It is okay if I am 6 40 live everywhere on the radio. This'll weekend. Say your clocks forward. Yeah, I'll be in the future, not how it works. Look, aliens, no robots. No. Okay? Yes, I am. K. O S t. H d to Los Angeles Orange County live everywhere on the younger radio app. Indoor dining back. I'm Claude. It's Tiffany in live from the K. If I 24 hour news room l. A county restaurants will be allowed to reopen for indoor dining Monday at a minute after midnight is the county moves from the purple to the less restrictive red tear. County health officer Dr Moon to Davis says Even the restrictions are easing. Covert 19 is still a serious threat. If this is the right decision will see. Just it really depends on what each and every one of us what each and every business does is well, you know, both paying attention and taking all the precautions needed. Also on Monday, people with underlying and chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer and obesity will be allowed to get a vaccine shot. Ah, woman from Glendale, who went missing about a week ago for a hike in the Angeles National Forest, has been found dead Glendale police say the body of 37 year old Norrena Avakian was found before two in the afternoon near the Mount Waterman Trail. So far, investigators say foul play is not suspected. Police say the area was recently hit with a snowstorm Hospitalizations for covered 19 and L. A county of dipped below 1000. For the first time in four months. The number of patients with covert 19 in L. A County hospital's hit 979, the lowest It's been since November. 23rd. Statewide, 3000 and 250 people are hospitalized, a number that has declined by more than 85% since hitting its peak at about 22,000 and early January. Case rates also remain low to former police officers in Northern California are facing federal extortion charges for allegedly pulling motorists over and threatening to arrest them if they didn't hand over marijuana and money. Who were part of a team of officers assigned to seize illegal drugs from drivers along Highway one, Oh, one north of San Francisco, But officials say the officers didn't turn over what they seized and kept stopping drivers even after the drug seizure program ended when California legalized Recreational use of pot in 2016. Police in Portland have found a crowbar, hammers, bear spray and guns. After crawling a group of protesters. Police surrounded the crowd of roughly 100 last night after they started smashing Windows. Protests have been going on almost nightly in Portland since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May. Portland's mayor answered the mob's called tow the fun police. But this week asked for $2 million to refund police as crime rates spike in the city. The state of Texas will be getting some celebrity help and recovering from the recent winner storms. While most of the powers thankfully being restored, the busted water lines from from hospitals to so many homes has left so many Texans without the bare necessities they need to survive. Matthew McConaughey hey, is having a virtual fundraiser called War Texas that will be streamed on YouTube on March. 21st performers include Kelly Clarkson and Post him alone. Donations to Makana Hayes. Just Keep Living Texas Relief Fund will help organizations help in the recovery effort. The oldest theme park in the state has some delayed plans. Knott's Berry Farm will wait to reopen the park until May knots, officials say. Even though the 100 year old theme park could reopen at 15% capacity on April 1st. They still have some prep work before they can reopen like hiring and training. New workers also meeting up with government officials to iron out some details. Knots, Officials say. Already purchased season passes will be valid for the remainder of 2021. Plus a day for day extension in 2022 for the number of days the park is closed.

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