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Oh, four jets around into any one shouldn't hit the brakes on Smeg Bishop NewsRadio twelve hundred W O A. I enjoy the sunshine because Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday of next week rain today high near sixty sunny tomorrow, high near sixty five sunny Friday and a high near seventy twenty eight degrees. This morning. Is not dead. Newspaper in New Zealand in their obituary column after marvel creator genius Stanley died day before yesterday somehow mixed it up with Spike Lee, Spike, Lee, dead at the age of ninety five. Okay. Let's get to it back in the day on the day this day fourteen th day of November little book Herman Melville wrote called Moby. Dick published in the United States on this day in eighteen fifty one thirty five years ago, speaking of books. Stephen King published pet cemetery his seventeenth book. You may remember the nineteen eighty nine movie. Well, there's a remake. No, John Lithgow. We'll play Judd Crandall. And Jason Clark is the grieving father who misuses the burial grounds that hit your theaters next year on April fifth. It was twenty five years ago today in nineteen Ninety-three Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula picked up his three hundred twenty fifth win which at the time made him the winningest coach in NFL history. Who holds that today? Don shula. You would be right. Still holds the record finished with three hundred and forty seven birthdays today include Limone snick from a series of unfortunate events putty on Seinfeld, the tick and Peter's wheelchair-bound neighbor Joe on family guy that would be one Patrick Warburton turning fifty four. And I don't know if there is a commercial voiceover anywhere. That doesn't include Patrick Warburton, Condoleeza Rice, former secretary of state of sixty four happy birthday J y..

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