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You. All right KYW. Thanks so much for coming on the podcast today and helping me out to put this together, introduce our guest. This is kind of cool because it's it's a brand new format. We see a matchup of all these different areas, and you kinda gives you this nice snapshot of everything going on at the center. So you know all these things going on at once. So thanks again for helping me put this together. Thank you. And it was an amazing experience and we hope everyone learned something today. Definitely. In life. Nearly her on, Hey, I am young men in the Mediterranean, the all my overriding. The wringer mainly not. On the bringing in the morning. Hey, thanks for sticking around. So Thanks again to KYW for kind of helping bring this together for the special episode for African American History Month. A great celebration, and I'm glad we have employee a resource groups here on centre to help us celebrate that. So if you wanna know more about what's going on here at center, that's a NASA dot gov slash Johnson. You can see are all of our various events that we have going on here at the centre. Otherwise you can follow us on social media per usual. The NASA Johnson Space Center accounts on Facebook, Twitter, an Instagram Facebook, its Nastase Johnson Space Center. Twitter, it's at NASA underscored Johnson and Instagram is at NASA Johnson use the hashtag, ask NASA on any one of those platforms to submit an idea for the show and will make sure to either make a whole episode out of it or made my answer it on a future episode of Houston. We have a podcast, his make sure to mention is for the show. So the credit for today, this podcasts was recorded on January 31st 2018. Thanks to Alex Perry men, Kelly Humphreys and KYW Harris for helping to put this together. Thanks again to all of our guests for coming on the show on thier chambers, Gavin guy Muhammed Seibu and McCreesh eh alley Baru We'll see you next week.

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