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Liquor store with strict the expensive wide and cost five hundred dollars worth of damage would you champagne a campaign with this peacock not pink are probably would have had to catch a hot will that's fair predators games in nashville charles barkley wasn't the only one involving alcohol we also have the nashville predators oldline they go there and we show them earlier on the show the chugged their beers they have a good time doing in it looks like a lot of fun marcus mario was there as well well the quarterback for the national the tennessee titans and he was asked why he didn't chug of beer and he said that he has never had a sip of alcohol outside of religious reasons how do you think he's made it this far without having a sip of alcohol willpower discipline pay i applaud that i admire that is it true you have never smoked a cigarette true never try you've never tried a single puff of the cigarette like even you're thirteen i have never does you never saw the older kids smoking and took a puff never in your life you had never had a puff cigarettes my mother were the cigarette why mothers smoke cigarettes in soldiers some then as a youngster i just wanna do so never trial mean neither meaning of other there's news and reports the car the derek fisher flipped over three am and totalled and was subsequently arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence is actually owned by matt barnes who is playing quote unquote in the nba finals how do you think matt bars is going to handle this development seriously yes hey trying.

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