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If I am 40 you have Dr Wendy Walters. This is that Dr Wendy Walsh. Oh, I missed you guys last son. Wait. I know we had another new special. It was important and it was good and our program director director Robin Bertolucci swears that's the last time I'll be preempted. Should we hold her to it, But I want to tell you what I did before I tell you what I did. Let's talk about what's coming up in the show. You know, there's so much news about what's going on at the Ellen Show, and I have a little bit of experience myself working for big name television shows, So I have a bit of an insider's view. But I do want to talk. About sort of what is a toxic workplace and and is it really and what we can do about it? I also have a special guest who had an explosive Facebook post this week because she outed another talk show. Host, and so we'll talk a little bit about that. Also this week, our kids are going back to school. I've got some news on their sleep schedules that might raise their test scores in also have a listener, friend, follower. We're going to get into that what that means in a minute. Who is recovering from Kobe 19. He is going to join us and new data on singles in America more than half of single people in America. Say they don't even want a relationship. Let's explore using my lens of evolutionary psychology. Okay, if you knew to my show, I am Dr Wendy Walsh. I have a PhD in clinical psychology. I'm also a professor of health psychology at Cal State Channel Islands, and I'm very interested in the intersection of love. And our health and our relationships. Whether those relationships between be between our family members and parenting relationships are workplace relationships. And, of course, our primary attachment figures. So because I work on a Sunday whenever I have a Sunday off, the first thing I'd do is behave like a normal person and go away for the weekend. And as you know, I've been taking all kinds of crazy car trips, visiting friends on land and farms and ranch in various states. In the last few months, so I decided to head up the five To go to Oregon again to visit a friend, South Oregon and I got us Faras San Francisco That's on Leah's faras I got but before I tell you what happened. Have you guys been to San Francisco lately? Oh, my goodness. Brooke, Producer broker you with me? Do you know what's going on in San Francisco right now? I don't know that I do. Besides that. It's now raining snowy ash. Yeah, another the tennis fires everywhere. Well, I was there just before the fires. But in my opinion, it looked like a post apocalyptic ghost town. I went there to visit my daughter and because she's a millennial, I couldn't actually see her in indoor space. So we're walking around the city in the evening going to get food and ice cream and just being outside and because all the tech companies closed The towers are empty and dark. Everybody had left And then because of the protests, many of the stores just stayed boarded up. In fact, I was looking for a Walgreens. I'll tell you why in a minute and I could not find everything was boarded up. It looked like literally a ghost town and lovely homeless gentleman suggested that I just go knock on the boarded up door over there and I'm like, Are you sure? And I'm like knocking on all boarded up windows and doors thinking this is crazy, and a security guard opens and there's a full on Walgreens going on in there, and you couldn't tell from the street. It was just dark. And so then we walked. Ah! You know, through she lives in Haynesville Hayes Valley. I think I don't know San Francisco, but we go and by City hall huge tent cities because what has been left as all the working people vacated are sadly more homeless people than you could imagine. It makes Venice look like light homeless light and I live in Venice. So let me tell you and then There was so much police activity. I got to tell you. I saw a police officer moments after he was attacked by a young man and I watched him in the back of the ambulance having his head bandaged up and blood flowing. I watched super polite police officers take this man into custody. Yes, he was black and I watched 20 people with cell phone cameras aimed at the cops the whole time, And I was just like, Oh, my gosh. How does anybody get their job done? How does anybody I mean? There's so much stress with the remaining people. All of City Hall is a tent city all around there now. So just be thankful we live in L. A in Southern California. At least we have space and the fires aren't as bad and our thoughts go out to our friends and family and loved ones who live in Northern California because it's a wild show right now. So why didn't I make it? Oregon? Well, I got to San Francisco. I was chewing on some gum, and my crown came out like, you know, something that was probably put in 30 years ago. I don't know. It just popped out. Well, you would think Pop it back in, Wendy. Keep on go in. No, no, no, It was the whole thing. When I tried to put it back in it just crushed and fell apart and added exposed Nerve. Hot, sensitive, cold, sensitive air sensitive. I couldn't eat. I couldn't drink couldn't breathe. So I got on the phone trying to leave messages with, like emergency dentists in Oregon and course nobody got back to me. So I got up the next morning and drove back. But I have to tell you I don't live a life like you guys. Sunday is normally not my alof. I get to run my errands on times like, you know, Monday morning at 11. I'm at Costco Tuesday morning at 10 when everybody else is in the office normally, right, so I don't have a sense off What weekend driving. Is in southern California. So I start heading down the hot five and I say hot, It was 122 degrees. My thermostat read on my car and at certain points, the five I was in a total dead stop. I mean nothing but desert and brown farmland everywhere, 18 wheelers and me And like, why We're three hours out of l. A why, with its Sunday afternoon traffic It took me In San Francisco to L. A. You ready on a Sunday 11 hours to get home 11 hours..

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