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But I'd like to I'd like to have him on the air in just a publicly apologized to him for what I said, give them extra padding goalie pads with no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no this job. No padding. You can't be the guy that gets hit by pitches and have padding on. That's cheating, but that's the job. No, I know. That's why that's why you don't get the cheat code of the padding regular hitters can have the padding but the designated hit by pitch batter. No padding. But does the padding help because I mean the helps but does it actually make it pain free because I think of like a bulletproof vest, it'll start. It's the stuff on the wrist and the and the elbows like the knee. I'm telling you, I don't wanna be hidden in the shin by a baseball. Yeah. But like when Barry Bonds is going out there. He was going out there and like nights gear. So when he. Was getting, hey, it didn't even make a difference. Like they could have hit him with a sword. And no one would've felt it where you get hit is definitely important. If you take one in the middle of the back, not that big a deal. It doesn't hurt telling I'm telling you ninety not ninety five mile an hour pitch. But I've been hit by pitches before. All right. I'm saying of all the sports you talking about like a quarterback getting hit like on his blindside. That's way more painful than getting hit in the back. Major league baseball minimum salaries five hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Would you take that? Oh, yeah. To get hit not to get hit by a pitch if he did lead the league in being hit Cy pitch leave the league. Yes. Not thing I you're increasing volume. And there's a chance and I have no idea where these are going. So there's like your head is going to get hit if you continue down this job half, but you're gonna get seriously. Duck those, those are allowed the person that gets hit by pitch conduct balls, their had, by the way, I'm just going to point this out to you MICH Haniger of the Mariners this year. Ruptured testicle fouling a ball in Tim self so. Does hurt. Sometimes it must always hurt reckon duck you about not being able to duck because there's a flame thrower. The record for most hit by pitches in his season is fifty one times. So what do I have to do? In order to meet my quota was hit fifty two times, who, who said that who set that record Hughie Jennings. Let's is he still with us played in eighteen ninety six I was Greg, Cody look on his phone and find him. Thank you. Fifty one times in one hundred sixty one hundred sixty two games back, then it was who's active leader. Let's find out who the active leader in, let's just ask them what their body feels like. And if this is worth it, if this were just their career path, I want to know Mike, how many people in the audience, you think got the sentence it hurt Roger Dohrn. I've one asked you. I won. I loved the I loved the joke. Okay. But I'm wondering just what percentage of our audience, do you think got the joke? I don't think Amine Ameen is here. He did not get the joke between the shoulder blades door and sweet spot. Billy. Yeah. But Dorn wasn't a tough guy. Dohrn was kind of like a little whiny like this guy that you have to lose this way on the roster. Billy. Yeah, exactly. That's why. And being like a gooney guy coming out who you like a sumo wrestler. And honestly, I mean this sound might sound bad. But the bigger the better in this role because it takes up more space and there's more room for you to get hit. It's also harder to doc when you're bigger, you're telling me, I can duck while Giancarlo Stanton. Could have duct to like, sometimes you're not going to be able to duck away from one hundred and five miles per hour of gas, but that could happen at any peaceful player..

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