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Once again gaskins had thrown away. His freedom to commit impulsive violence his decision to rape. Patsy seemed come almost out of nowhere and he never explained exactly why he'd attacked her. The gaskins was both victim and sexual abuser in prison. There was no obvious trigger which drove to suddenly prey on an innocent girl and perhaps that was the whole point as sickening and difficult as it may be to believe it's possible. Gaskins was motivated purely by boredom and dissatisfaction with the state of his life though his job with the preacher and his new marriage provided him with some stability. It likely wasn't very exciting for him. His robberies had become routine and he hardly saw his wife. Except during the occasional weekend he was looking for some kind of stimulation and patsy happened to be a convenient and vulnerable target in his interviews with child. Sex abusers sociologist. Dr Douglas Prior examined the motivations behind their crimes. During his research he found that of his subjects had the same complaint. They reported feeling trapped in smothered in their lives before they began their attacks. Doctor Prior Rights one offender reached what to him was an emotional low. He wanted some excitement in his life and apparently molesting children seemed to provide that for him. Gaskins perverse quest for excitement led him to commit more and more despicable acts with little concern for victims or the law but when the law did catch up with him gaskins was willing to go to any lengths to avoid punishment a week after his arrest when police took him to the courthouse to stand trial day made a critical mistake while in the waiting room. The officers unshackled gaskins for just a moment as soon as he was free he bolted and dove out an open window without looking down he fell two stories before landing in a clump of tall hedges surrounding the building. He then sprint into the parking lot. Where gaskins claimed he found a car with the key still in the ignition after stopping by his parents home. Grab some cash. Gaskins fled to North Carolina. He'd been hoping to find. Work there at a carnival. He toured with years before but they changed their travel schedule and Gaskins had no idea how to find them instead. He settled on renting a room at an out of the way boarding house where he laid low for the next few months. He ditched the stolen car. He was driving and using the cash she'd taken from his parents house. He bought a junker once. He was sure the police weren't on his tail. Gaskins turned his mind to other matters mainly his nagging loneliness. Gaskins was desperate for company so after he arrived in North Carolina. He said about finding himself yet another wife. Two months later gaskins approached a seventeen year. Old Girl named Lenny at a local hardware store. He charmed the teenager and the relationship escalated quickly. Not Long. After they met they were married but thirty year. Old Gaskins wasn't interested in true companionship. He'd only marry lenny to trick her into bed and once he decided he was through with her just a few months later he left town and drove onto Charlotte there. He contacted his second wife. Jerry after some convincing Jerry agreed to meet Gaskins in Savannah Georgia two days later. The pair headed to Florida for the first couple of days. They were like newlyweds again. They talk to laughed and enjoyed their time on the road together. But after only a few days Jerry realized gaskins had no job no place to live and no plans whatsoever. Most likely gaskins had lied to Jerry over the phone to convince her to meet him when she found out the truth she demanded to go home. Gaskins reluctantly agreed to take her back to Savannah but it was a small act of decency that he'd soon regret on the way back to Georgia. A traffic cop tried to pull gaskins over for speeding. And he panicked. He knew if he pulled over he'd be sent back to prison. He also knew if he tried to flee and they caught up to him. It'd be even worse. But gaskins was a betting man so he put the pedal to the floor.

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