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WTO and new this afternoon the two Manhattan prosecutors leading the criminal investigation into former president Trump and his business practices have abruptly resigned This because the new Manhattan district attorney indicated doubts about moving forward with the case This is according to a report out of The New York Times without DA Alvin Bragg's full buy in the prosecutors carry and Mark pomeranz have essentially put the investigation on pause The former Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance convened that grand jury back in the fall as part of the probe into whether Trump initiated or inflated rather the value of his assets to obtain favorable loan terms from the bank The types reports the prosecutors have not questioned any witnesses before the grand jury for more than a month A family is in mourning after a tragic accident last night in anaerobic county A woman is dead after a giant tree fell slicing through her home here on farlow avenue in crofton This happened around 9 o'clock last night The back bedroom's been almost severed from the rest of the home the top half of a chimney now just a pile of bricks on the ground Russ Davies with the internal county fire department says it took about an hour and 45 minutes just to get her free Had to secure gas electric There was a possible leak of the refrigerant from the HVAC system and then when they got upstairs they had to secure just be able to make access to a components of the roof had come down the ceiling He says it's believed the strong winds last night led to what he calls an accident or an act of nature with very tragic outcome In crofton John dome in WTO news Nobody TLP a three 23 the 1970 rock opera became a 1971 Broadway smash in a.

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