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And weather this'll his news radio Wofl a Tampa and w x TV HD to Clearwater. Good morning. I'm Chris Trackman. Our top story at 11 o'clock. A Cold front swept across the bay Area this morning, bringing strong winds and heavy rains. Along with some powerful wind gusts. Now we're expecting the coldest temperatures of the season overnight, with lows dropping into the high forties in parts of the Bay Area, you won't have to figure out how to say those Greek letters anymore. At least the chances are lower anyway. That hurricane will form after today. This year's hurricane season is one for the record books with 30 named Storms, making it to Iota in the Greek alphabet Masses. Thean service 2005 Season What 28 storms The 13 hurricanes that we That all that is actually the second highest number of hurricanes on record. Lord, a Weather center meteorologist Daniel Middle, says the 12 land falling storms was also a record Four storms affected Florida this season with Hurricane ADA earlier this month, hitting us twice. Crowd. Regus Miami three Armed robbery suspects led police and state troopers on a multi county chase that started in Tarpon Springs and ended in a crash in Polk County. Woman called 911 Sunday morning, saying she was followed and robbed a gun points. You could hear her screen as she runs to the front door. Tarpon Springs Police say one of their officers tried to pull over the fleeing suspects, but they refused to stop. What happened next is a police pursuit that went from Pinellas through Hillsborough and into Polk County on I 4 49 Forecast for Highway Patrol help put an end to the pursuit by us 98 near Lakeland News Channel eight's Justin Checker reporting. All three suspects are now in custody. Florida, added another 7300 corona virus infections in the last day and nearly 1100. We're here in the Bay Area. 59 deaths were reported statewide with 18 in Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with Florida's news on Chris Trunk, Man. If you're a leader in your company, you have to look beyond the challenges of today to drive your future success at Kaiser Permanente..

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