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Gray would you go to one twelve may twenty seven thanks to those two losers the two biggest losers? Let's give birth South beach guys while anyway. We have like almost nothing going on in Miami. Meaning like there's like the cases of drop Florida's been open already for this going onto the third week coming up all right and Miami still has an open and it's like there's nothing going on there less than place that have opened already completely and yeah they won't open up anyways but within Georgia open and they have all gone down. Everywhere may twenty seventh when the first twenty five percent of restaurant opening so poor Promo twelve. Poppy steak meal. Oh all those of yeah. That's like Miami beach that's Miami. That's my Komodo able to open. It don't know yet. I still got the positive of opening. How crazy is it? That Boko is open and we're going to see people in restaurants today. I am so freaking evening. We're GONNA CRUISER DEL Rey. We're going to do an experiment. Experiments see how it is now under the masks. Are we see Colbert running around? We might see him running around. Never Know Yell. I'm excited about it. I'm also I also got chateau band on instagram. The other day so I had to appeal them because I put a picture of two beaches to fake pictures on them right and it was the same picture used in in in a story about beaches being crowded but one was in California. When was in Florida? How Weird is that strange? So these the same picture during a pandemic to show you how busy it is. But it's the same picture in to coast so I got. But how do you find out your shadow story? That was a thing that all of a sudden said. There's a fake story on my I was showing a fake story and they fake story me so yes an idiot so we had a letter here. I got this back from facebook. Instagram facebook appeal for the false instagram story. Food God thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We immediately removed are rating. It was a mistake on our side. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. This may have caused. Thank you for your understanding your patients and it's politically fact. Those are the ones that do fact. Checking these fuckers crawled into my story thousands and billions of story. Put a mark on me. Said it was a false story. Raitis the ratings showing on a full story. They blocked me which took down all my engagement. All my business all my everything from mistake. They made luckily I know how to get it fixed but people do not so if you get blocked by instagram like fuck you really good and by people really don't know what they're doing that. I have to apologize and also put bad stuff out. There right shadow reached goes down right down. They re day. You couldn't find me and hashtags anymore right to my stories went down to nothing. Sixty thousand views. Nothing from like two little dial. It's little more more often now. It's back anyway. So yeah that really pissed me off today. Nothing no oh a pistol. South Beach Opening the restaurants at twenty seven on a lighter. No I'm very excited because we have Amanda Cerny joining us you. You're very good friend. Yeah she's my good friend and you know. Let me see how many followers she's up to twenty six point two million on instagram while so Amanda Gorgeous. But she's really funny you know. She's funny but she does. These things like a real actress on her instagram. And she's getting you know lots of US two million. I mean look instagram. Our last stories and they like one here wants three and a half million. But it's also keep screwing with people's right and stuff. She was getting ten million before nothing to do with her. Instagram just screws. Aol Do that. I don't know why they don't want people to stay on it. They want people to talk. I don't get it as just plain looking. Ms People enjoy it more and have does give some numbers wise. You'll bad about it so the camp. Maybe I should go to talk in the ruin instagram. Why Amanda has been doing this for a long time. She's hot people love her videos but she's really an actress. She does it in a smart way. Not Stupid comedy. It's not jumping into a pool of of tax. So I'm excited to talk to her. 'cause she's really smart and she also has a podcast and she did a video once with her and she's such a perfectionist like me. That was weird or your cat. I come to Boca here. That heads nationalist Godson hungry or something. No is Mrs Godfather. Hey Kitty Kitty Kitty. Kitty Buddy guys. I Love Dogs. I'm sorry not a cat person. Just I love dogs and cats all do scratch your cover your mouth funny guys grab. The cat is running. Dog would come to you and I was gonNA come out again. Remember when you yours interview with the Sushi get Sushi. Yeah that was funny. At Kim's house dog would not stop barking. Shut up. I'm like get the dog interviews interview Anyway so excited to call Amanda soon what else going out there in the world. How about Takashi. Six nine he killed last week he did. Well he did. Well nothing to do with you. None me like he did well like it was like something you had to do with. He did really he did really well. He killed it with the thing. He sold a Lotta merge tried to give money to charity. Cherry denied it. He tried to troll people. He got into a fight with words to kid who always money jeweler right in. Meek mill meek mill who else Snoop they're all starting with him and then he just adds a couple of sentences. None do bad either. I wish she wouldn't give him the clout back. That's that's what made him who he is. He doesn't back down from anybody out there reading through we still out there saying I'm Miranda now you think it's smart that he keeps driving an orange car around town on glad. I I disagree with you. A hundred percent so you do agree that core be laying low at least where. He laughed black small cars. I'm thinking yeah a big. I don't want him shot I love to. He's he's so funny about drugs at all. No smart Kid. No 'cause a Lotta people fucking do drugs and I can't stand that Shit Youtube I smoke weed right no. I know he doesn't even do that. No nothing nothing. He's like in the house. He's like you very creative. Like you know your marketing okay. One thing I gotta say is that my friend Hoodie. Who Love Hoodie? He produced a video for Nicki Minaj. And Jason Derulo believe about two years ago and Takashi copied their exact set identical. No video has a billion over a billion views billion six hundred million views and it's the same exact set with the colors so he he actually copied their set. Which is I love to Nikki though I get it. But he had to do some in a house. He wasn't allowed to shoot a video outside. Judge allow. That's not in the house it's got to be done in the house. It was all done in the house. Here we go amandas ready guys inside of me on the show here. We go finally Amanda where where you bunker down. Are you in Florida California? Where if you're in California? We're not going to see you for three more months. Niamey. I'm probably not GONNA back to La for another month or two myself. Hopefully this is all like done by that. It's not going to be not GONNA be there. No no it's definitely.

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