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Is good for up to six family members so six people can six different itin accounts then. Can you together. I family account but yeah like I said no add snowing at purchases. It's still full game. I mean that's how that's how you have to go. When you first start accounts. They don't even require Internet excellent you download the APP. You can play off line and this is for the people at home with are the people listening to this. This is not a pay promotion for apple just to be clear not at all one of the coolest ones they showed off as the new version of frogger frogger and toytown from Konami that looked fun. I mean who but who doesn't like frogger right side straight yeah sites George Costanza so let's see can you can you get the KFC dating. Thanks him on the service. what is this daily. Simulator A. B. Mongering about its dating simulator. It's actually made by KFC. It's on steam right now and you can't attempt to date the kernel. That sound does make a lot of sunshine for this Have you ever wanted to date Colonel Colonel Sanders and get access to eleven herbs and spices. I still love the on twitter there news the six spice girls and then five guys name her as the people that they follow but that is is the best marketing ever but no now when I when I want to find out about this. KFC A dating Sim is as you know who who who are you playing as. Are you playing as Wendy are you playing is Ronald McDonald. Are you playing as Burger King AH playing Admiral Hardy and running out of fast food characters ear Admiral Hardy somebody I made up are you. Are you dislike Carl in China to teach your younger son about the ways of the world and no I know just for lack of a better term. I'm going as Mary mccheese Mary. Cheese Colonel Sanders at that'd be quite the power couple it just just as long as we have. The hamburglar are good. I mean if if if the colonel colonel is like a lot of folks you know it really likes the bad boys in the hamburglar would to probably get his attention. Now I mean is this says the end I mean. Are you talking about how to check in to uh-huh or are we talking about the new game that came out we can we can move on to talk about blasphemous big new game yeah from what I've seen like from the trailer and from game play is that it's a game that's it's all like a metro finale you have to figure out Ademi's patterns and things like that kind of like a Metro Vania mixed in end with a little bit of dark souls and very disturbing imagery makes for a good Saturday night for me. Yes what platform on I think it's on all the platforms switch notes on ps four PC I don't know if it's on xbox because really I don't care about the xbox. I'm sure there's reasons for that but we can. We can circle back to those later. I mean there is they kind of that game that council kind of created micro transactions and Luke boxes to begin with business bottle yeah yeah yeah and maybe that's a lot why don't really care for xbox They didn't really have much else to set them apart. I mean say to fade to set themselves apart within some of their game but yeah no. It's what else so. Let's talk. Is there anything else we wanted to talk about with. Blasphemous haven't had a chance to try it looks it kind of a weird in my alley but just having a chance to get to know still working through astro chain right now and the link's awakening remake just came out so L. movie busy. What do you think of national chain so far so far. I'm I'm still digging it. gone through a few more a couple for more missions and almost have all the legions now and the story is kind of weird and out there and and I'm reminded that but before doing astral chain platinum games did near out AMATA and I'm seeing some weird kind of connections there. I have not played that is something that I it's worth looking at. Oh Yeah and DOC. I'm not saying you need to play one to get to understand the other but if you've played them. Both you'll see you'll see. There's a little tiny bit of overlap. There might be more as I go through the game but love report on that later. It's good that every once in a while there's a a good game that comes out right. Yes yes the game that I think I said last time that it lives up to the hyperbole and still does in my opinion so getting probably about to the mid point of the game so my one question about that game do you do you stick with the same like monster sure no. No you eventually get a team of five and you can switch between them as you need to whenever you need to so basically it's it's a lot like pokemon now. Yep GotTA catch them all. No I mean you have a team of say yeah so because when I looked at the game it only goes the one character and then the quote Unquote Monster Mark Stir ride and giving you can only have one legion going at any given time but but you can switch you know Kevin Rudd based on the needs of of your situation you can switch at anytime okay. Nice have you Have you watched the game play for a sport not to be like a successor of bloodborne yeah. I have not aside from the trailer here there but I I really don't have have much to say on on ice born ice ice borne is you probably know is an expansion for Mar Sir hundred world and the the theme. Is that most of the time you're playing and like wintertime. You're playing in places that have snow and things like that within the Monster Hunter Rome this. Is this a unlike a newly discovered region of the monster hunter world or yeah. It's kind of a newly discovered region tip gift some clarity. The cost of this game is forty dollars but it's not like a season impasse. Even though it is changing the seasons it is a season pass in another manner of speaking yes kind of like the frozen wild expansion for horizon zero don it kind of opens up a new ice icy covered region so but we're not here to talk about Horizon Zero Don it's more about expanding of the world of Mostra world and playing within a playing within that season I would say that if you're looking for new that's called Lake Nick just up better quality game that it's it's less of DRC or or a season pass and more of the next installment kind of sequel to it and that's why it is that because it expands on that and say based on it is worth by that is what I've heard you know while other reviews I've seen it is definitely me a good media expansion if you if you like monster hunter world you know you'll definitely ice born and there are new monsters a lot to play on what new weapons a here and other any other enhancements that kind of work their way back to the base game or your levels and things like that transfer over from Moscow world to this one so if you stayed stayed at a if you're a master class at Moscow world those stats will cross over and that's a yeah that's a that's a good step up for people who have played for a long time him and fortunately looking out for the player this time around that's happened a lot lot no special it helps that it's from. Capcom who I think is stall a little more player friendly than I think a lot lot of south there so I mean I'm still I'm still get excited when you hear about new Capcom projects and say I I know they'll they'll treat yes right. I mean they are. They're having a little bit of a hard time just because like the what's it called moral versus Capcom infinite and how they kind of got a class by dragging ball fighters street fighter five kind of overshadowed it to maybe a little yeah but yeah marvel versus. Capcom infinite kind of wasn't quite the next step as as we would have hoped but I spent a little bit of time with a don't really feel the itch to go back and a lot of that that's because I'm not really that good with fighting games to begin with and I've always had fun with Fighting Fighting Games. I I'm not I if if I put myself into it I could be good. Maybe medium tier but at the level of winning tournaments and things like that but uh-huh yeah became of money and not tournaments what do you think of the Esrb so far right now you know I I saw the sun you listen meant to ask what was up the SR because I haven't heard much of much from them at all. I mean they're in the news right now. Because there's been a lot of aw there been a lot of reviewers who have email yes. RV Rating Sport about NBA Two tocchet twenty. Oh that's that still because it's rated e for everyone and there's all those loot boxes and and you know pretty obvious you know GAM WANNA make into gambling that they just put it in a slot machine I yeah I think that that puts way to a point on it. Yes our be after waiting. So long. In this was news that came motto. Hello what's his face not a Jim Sterling but actually angry Joe who said the fire product is not indicative of the trailer that you saw mike then and that level than what is it. How is it. Did you get a copy of. How did you spend money on and see for yourself. I mean I think I think goes back to I don't you know what I what I heard at one point and I don't know if things have changed since then the esrb process you know to kind of get their to get their rate games rated of developers would submit like you know video clips of the quote unquote worst content that was within their game and I could see a developer being kind of shady and not in not I'm putting forward the the video clips would show loop boxes and slot machines. I mean I mean that's what they have to do. That's what has. That's what people have to do or else. Someone else will have to regulate it and like the church England Engli- who whom Jim Sterling said Jesus Christ the third clue. He is personally correct on probably I. I would not think that Jesus Christ like Luke Boxes Fox's NOT GONNA go any farther with that yeah but hate to anger are evangelical listeners. Yes Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. No let's see Should we talk if you heard about Michael Bolton within the news now he his mind is telling him no but his body is tying him. Yes Oh and and now like his son that he did yes because now he's not the national security advisor. Oh how how I think you mean John Bolton. I'm not sure about that..

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