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No coaches ever go is coming actually. No i'm coming. I'll be there all right boys. It's officially fall. Which means baseball is here. Football is back in pucks in hoops. Just around the corner so head on over to your local bar and make sure to order some pink whitney to enjoy with all the game that any game. That tickles your fancy. I'm a big football guy. This time he was down football a little bit wet but a couple of shots of pink. Whitney boom right back at it. Speaking of which tampa bay is a six and a half point favorite. Right now. wouldn't be shocked. That goes up toward the end of the week in my survivor pool. I had i bought four picks at the beginning of the year. I lost one when buffalo last week. One i picked them to pittsburgh. Steelers beat him. But i have three left. One of my three. This week was baltimore. And i was playing golf and i had no idea and i looked at. Oh nice they won. I had a group group chat of the guys in this in this pool and they were like body. You have no idea. Sixty six yard longest field going history to waste your off the bottom of the crossbar and then rolls in just so i had. I've been watching. There's no chance misses it by twenty yards. But i just thought it was an easy win when i looked at the score out. So the cherry on top is. I want to say somebody who was recording it behind. You remember when big cat ended up going to the game with those guys who were in those silly hats most ridiculous night ever detroit on someone else i think it was so he has a kicking it against detroit and somebody who was videoing. Had those guys in front of them in the shot and hits the crossed links over. Oh my what. A what a treat. We've gotten pretty deep into the football. Talk but okay so we might as well talk about aaron rodgers assumed shaved. Save that for the back end. Say that say the the for the back end because we do get hockey to get to first off. We do have a guest. We're not bring him on quite yet. We'll later in the show. We have Vegas golden night goaltender. Robin leonard joins us for nice lengthy chat about an hour and a half and very interesting fellow. We talked a little bit much though he kind of kept to himself. I don't know if you guys are like the the is a very opinionated guy and we love guys when they come on and let it fly. And i don't know if you guys have seen some pictures online. He is looking absolutely shredded coming into the season. So this is a man on a mission. And i'm interested to see him in the starring role. Yeah so a little later will bring him on. But like i said in the intro. We've got some more drama up in buffalo the latest in the soap opera up there unsurprisingly. Jack eichel did feel as physical given given the situation. What his neck Then he was stripped of his captaincy. Of course we've said before he wants the artificial disc replacement team watson have the fusion surgery. It's crazy they're fighting so much over this. You gotta wonder if the shots are being called from somewhere pile. Like if i don't know. I mean kevin adams really digging his heels in this much or someone above him saying hey you gotta do this season first time. Gm he's gonna he's gotta take orders from the boss. But i don't know man it feels like this has got their hands so far up his ass. He's a puppet master at this point. 'cause yeah this is jason. I'll be honest. I thought there was not a chicken. Dick's chance in hell that this would be dragged out as long as it has. That's why i never really gave it much. Deep thought earlier on the summer. I thought he was going to get moved over. Maybe towards the end of summer this is just. This is fucking embarrassing. This is a guy who should be getting ready for an olympic year A starring nhl. Who's know the pinnacle of his career. And when all throw it over to you but this is a fucking joke. Yeah i said it from the beginning. And you're right. There's no chance you can give kevin adam schiff for this hulas telling exactly what telling him exactly what he's gonna do and not giving in to the surgery that the player wants to get on his own body and we actually talked to robin letter about this because he was a part of some issues in buffalo granted. It was a different staff and a different time years ago but he had opinions on. What's happening to jack. We're we're biased in a sense that we're friends with jack eichel but in looking at the whole scenario forget that this is fucking insane that there's a player in the league any player in the league that wants a surgery and that the team won't let him get it and not only. Is it hurting the player hurting the team. First off. he's getting paid. He's getting paid duty. He got injured. Playing hockey. do didn't get injured in on a motorcycle. Doing something off ice. This guy got injured in a game and now he can't play. The team gets nothing out of the team. Can't even trade them because they can't get an agreement with any other team on what surgery he needs and the whole issue really stems from buffalo being such a dumpster fire and really ruining this from the get go now i i see their side in the sense that when the cbi was was discussed in figured out like this the teams ended up having control over over players injuries and surgeries. That's definitely gonna be looked into next time. The as what you what do you call it all right. What's the renegotiate renegotiate. Whenever it is negotiating again this will good job is there will be talks about this because it's a bad look for the entire league like you say one of the best players in the league one of the biggest young guns going. He's not even playing. Nobody has any clue when he's going to be playing and he was skating all summer. I talked to guys at boston flying around looking on real now. He can't be hit. There's contact but he looks great and you just feel for a guy. I don't care how much money has disguise loves. The game hockey's all he wants to do. And you're sitting there in limbo right now. I listen to elliott and merrick on thirty one podcast and they were talking about how with tarasenko and tarasenko request trade from saint louis. His medical records were made to be seen an open to any team that want to see them in terms of talking trades. They look at it. They could have their doctors look at it. Nobody seen eichel's. So maybe at least come in and elliot said this in terms of getting his medical records to any team who wants to see them so at least they can have doctors give their opinions on what's going on and maybe a trade could happen before the surgery goes down but the whole thing is embarrassing. It really is embarrassing for the league. It's embarrassing for the sabres and you're looking at a guy you strip them of the of the sea and he's just gonna be they're getting paid and where does this end dude like. At what point does this is gonna do..

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