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Remind me not to have that pizza. A little bit of love in that. Oh, no. The love. Yeah. Telling you don't eat in my house. I gotta shit pizza. This a little bit of Corey everybody. Oh. Let's go into other foolish. This stuff being disgusting and keep going. No, no, baby. Let's get real come on. Shit. Come on, you know, explore. This topic. Rated term. Of men we listen to dig for about an hour of the day. We we can talk about eating shit for about thirty seconds getting hurt. Nobody. What small? A little bit just a little bit. Oh, see what we get here. Rocket raccoon is embarrassed to know record. Coon is dead. You know, rocky raccoon is delicious. You're gonna love about this video. I love that. They actually went ahead and blurred his face out to protect his family. The raccoon. Oh, I thought they wanna protect us to his wife and children. I'm sorry. I thought the raccoons on the ages. Direct Coon was in the witness protection program. And they finally whack them. Too good. No. They've got him. Can't hop on that Kuma. Oh, let's see. We get here. Let me see. Says here. Oh, somebody at the lie detector determine that that was alive. Nope. It's true. So true. You did not all you want to move on to our next bit of foolish is right here. Oh, some of the best foolishness in biggest foolishness that we've gotten over here. And we've talked about many of our shows is that of one Logan appall in Logan, Paul. What are the biggest YouTube is out there? We'll tell you this about Logan Paul Logan, Paul has come out in maybe not in the best way. But it's at it a little bit of legitimacy legitimacy in that he should be taken. She he should be taken. He should be given respect for everything. He does. But as far as taking YouTube is seriously become a real celebrities, low balls these out there. He's dating actresses and making millions, and you know, his his brother by Ferrari's, which other and everything billionaires almost, hey, look, I would say that that counts as. Coming sort of coming to age. You know, the only thing is that. Everything is there the money the fame Dayton models and celebrities big homes. Parties of the only thing. That's that. Is that is still missing is. Fucking commonsense. This man right here. He went onto a show. And and so he was going gay for a few days as one of his. Look at those straddle. I'll look at that here. And I say brother you already there. At least at least you good chunk in there. But he traveled for he buys. Yeah. Do a little window shopping. Now. And now people are very upset about it. In. In other words, Logan, Paul has done it again. The question is I mean? Is it worth getting upset over Logan Paul anymore? Do we is this especially in this case is this something that we have to of all the things that he's done. Is this something that we really need to get mad about attempt to gay for just one more back at it. Get YouTube star Logan Paul is causing controversy this time with his New Year's resolutions. So you're gonna you're gonna be beginning sober again. No, no. It's what is it? Mele only March ma- you wanted you say this. So it's male only March we're going to attempt to go gay just one more one. And then I go back. Impulsive star made the comment on his podcast with social media sensation. Brother nature and awkward. Silence. Hangs in the air for few seconds before they divert the conversation back to a music festival. But those few seconds were all it took to set the internet off many on social media called the comment. Offensive actress skyjacked and wrote quote, being gay isn't a choice being gay isn't a phase being gay shouldn't be used for a trend as Scribner's grow up. Logan, Paul glad even chimed in saying simply that's not how it works. Logan, Paul to which Paul replied, very poor choice of words muffle. Let's get together and talk about it on my pod people. Like, should I thought he was already gay? Got the shirt got the hair thought he was in may. Like, well, you know, that's news to me. He's straight. But..

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