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They see kid running away from full force. And like was that was that kid? Oh, yeah. Whatever I don't have room in my car anyway. So it's like man what a dick move. This guy's doing. And I have to say I really like that we have these two very well drawn female characters in here between Sharon, and Sydney and that. They are I would say almost as important to the narrative is kid and play and there's so much time spent with them, I don't think they pass the Bechtel test by any means because they're always talking about kid and or play, but that they can have conversations and that we see them away from kid play the actually exist in this universe without needing to be around male characters. They could've carried their own almost like a spin off of so sore because there was a story there with them. And it was there was a good story aren't within where there's the level of insecurity that Sydney has because she feels like she's not as outgoing and she has a bit more of a conscience than Cheryl has were surrounds, basically says she's living for the moment. Essentially, she doesn't care. She's messing around two guys who are obviously friends whereas teasha Campbell has more of the the nuance saying, no this isn't right. This isn't right. But at saying time when she gets kid, and and it's like, it's there's there's something there. That if I when I when I see how smart he say, oh, this is a cool fun little movie, but there are certain elements to it the really keep it together. Very very well. And that's one of them is the relationship between those two words similar to that in play is almost like the the the the female equivalent of. And that's one of the reasons why and twenty nineteen I'm still interested in talking about this movie is that it wasn't just this throwaway piece of pop culture where no one mattered at all to the story. And we can just forget about a five minutes later where some of these jokes from the first movie in the third movie can stick with me for all these years, and I can still quote them. I can still talk about them still think about them, and they still have relevancy in this age on it makes it such a fun kind of a hang out movie too. Because that's you know, that's for me. That's what makes it good. Hang on movie is I can drop in on any of the characters at any point during the movie and I'm engaged and I'm interested in. It's not like, oh my gosh. Get back to kit and play already. It would have been so easy to just make this movie the the kid in play vehicle, you know, the the from Justin to Kelly of its day. And instead they like cool as I or whatever garbage move you wanna talk about. But like no Reginald Hubbard made a real movie of good movie that just happens to star, you know, kid and play who honestly as I'm watching. It might set earlier. How charismatic they are. Yeah. No point. Do I watch it feeling like, oh, these guys are are hip hop artists. These guys are musicians who are trying to act they feel completely natural. I never remember that like oh acting was not there. I strength. You know? It's just a good movie that just happens to star these two musicians. But then they're surrounded by these interesting characters really funny characters, you know, we don't we drop in on Robin Harrison, we're laughing we go back to tissue Campbell and more sort of invest in her story, we go back to Martin Lawrence and. You know, no matter who we drop in on. It's it's cool while I will admit something that I should probably be ashamed of. But I'm not for whatever reason I wasn't aware of full force as being a group at this time. It took me a lot of years before I realized who are three main villains are in this movie that they are members of full force. And I think it was what three brothers and three cousins or something is a pretty big group..

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