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Aw walking lease episode of the Stream wars this Cimarron. We're doing a little bit different while twenty is joining me. We're GONNA be talking about a couple of specifically topic that has popped up for the past week One that's If you listen to last week's episode on Tuesday Newsday that we released or on Wednesday when you heard it. If you listen to that episode. We talked about how we're GONNA talk about John Stinky interview. Well it turns out. There was another interview that happened. It is part of the same events that we also WanNa talk about an interview with Kevin Meyer from Disney plus. He's an executive that kind of the the the face of the executives behind Hind Disney pluses. A service so there was so we're going to talk about those two interviews. We're not talking about news this time around. Obviously we prerecorded this to release while we are actually taking the week off because we we want to discuss the city at a higher level than what we have been having time for so so basically t to give you a little bit backstory behind what this event was there is. If you're familiar with the Website Fox or if you've ever heard of vox media they have a subsection of their cy called recode and on their actual citation talks about how this section of their website talks about digital aspects. And how how they're changing the world and US and they had an event where they had pre much big name people from the world of of Tech and the digital side of things to discuss what their companies are doing for what what what their companies are doing digitally to change the world around us and US so there's a number of different ones there. was you know facebook had someone. They're talking about stuff. They had people from other companies but the ones that are worth mentioning for US specifically here is that they had the CEO of one media. John Stinky there and he he was asked the number of questions. A lot of the questions dealt with what actually was talking about at For the HBO. Mac's announcement that was just a couple of weeks back. The the entire gist of the conversation was all about. HBO Maxon what they're expecting and what they're doing and kind of clarifying some of the things that were potentially unclear at the the point of the announcement a couple of weeks back the other one was Kevin Meyer who says behind his plus and while they're aspect is way their entire the conversation about Disney pluses completely different. They're not talking about what he's coming. They're talking about well. It just launched. So so what can we do. You know what a what we let's talk about. How the launch wins? What we're expecting what what to expect in the future for the service? What changes have you or what what issue who says has risen from the launch? Things like that so completely two different ends of the spectrum because one is already out one is not and kind of getting these executives perspective of their respective respected services. So we're just start with the John Stinky one. Because that one was there was the first interview that had popped up but there was. There was the big headline that came out of the John. Stinky interview is not so much that they're looking to replace net flicks but that they are looking to become the next cable bundle. Meaning they'd already talked about this at the H.. Max Investor Event they. They had a couple of weeks back about how did every intention of trying to pair. HBO Now with their current. At and T. TV now we talked about. At and T. TV now the other live streaming television services Just last week but the intent is that. At and T. TV now is a replacement for cable television. which as as we know? At and T. and direct TV which is all part of the spray eighteen Uber's and direct TV. Those are services that continue to lose subscribers in in a a very fast rate. So they're really going to be trying to push this new bundle conveniently it's also interesting because eight thousand nine hundred now just raised. Their prices is to sixty four nine thousand nine and I believe this interview took place before the price increase went into effect. So there wasn't a really discussion about that but it became almost whilst one of the Roy became one of the most expensive live streaming TV services are available and while there's talk about the other services out there also raising the prices who's it was reason their price next month it begs the question of. How are they really going to push this service? If it's one of the more expensive ones and their intent is to use it as a replacement for cable services as a company if the intent was to also bundle it with. Hbo Max so my my question. I WanNa believe with you because I know you watch the interview. What do you think I mean it definitely feels like HBO? Max is an add on service to. At and T. TV now. Wow and that's what they're intending on doing and they'll intend on offering other add on services to at and T. TV now but it feels like they're basically creating what I would like to classify as the very Hulu based system. They're already got the live. TV But if they start having these other services that you can tack back onto it like Hbo Max. And that's a huge focus. It gives you a reason to subscribe to them rather than Hulu which is obviously a direct competitor when it comes to Disney and Warner brothers. So where do you. Where do you see this going? Because it doesn't feel especially based off of this interview it doesn't feel like their focus is rolling out a streaming services like netflix which we've talked about before Privately and on the podcast about how it definitely feels like their international rollout is not a priority which everyone would expected to be based off of what we've seen from the growth for Netflix. The growth that Disney plans to have with rolling their stuff very very quickly in the near future for Disney plus. It feels to me at least that the brand has a whole could be potentially diluted in order to push this streaming TV service. At least. That's what I got out of the interview. So what did you get. My take is a very interesting time..

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