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So rob. I want to dive in to the future of a and chat in the enterprise and the little bit of your journey there. But before i even do even ryan this company for quite some time when you guys started online chat in the ninety s companies public firm for twenty years. Here when you look to your business something. Like i don't know how many seventy or eighty million conversations you're handling in any given month when you look down at your business tried to find where. Ai could layer value for your clients. How did you think through that process. Because it seems like that's almost an endless <hes>. There's almost an endless number of answers. They're basically looking at the data center. We do about seventy eighty million conversation month. I kinda you know that data we could take and look at how are use cases around banking and telco and and and retail and healthcare. These are big customer bases. Come from these verticals. How can we automate those conversations and so we basically just dove into the data we aggregated. The data looked at across customer. And we could see that there were patterns that made really good conversations. So that drove is to say okay. Let's build a host of tools and a new platform called conversational cloud in which we could enable large enterprises market customers to scale their conversation. Automate them and with the onset of covid the there was a massive massive impact contact centers the contact center agents help and nope he was there. They couldn't take calls so so they went home now. They're taking calls there and so there's been a massive drive to automation now because having someone work at home and answer calls just not the way to go. How do you automate that through a digital experience. That's really what's happened and obviously with the onset of covid firms like yourself or now in this position to potentially catch the opportunity to major way when you look at serve. What's potentially automated man even there so much to get into. I mean there's for each individual business that you work with you know maybe a work in with a one. Eight hundred flowers may be. You're working with us. The citibank guys work with some of the biggest companies in america here. The use cases are relatively bespoke <hes>. And i know you. You worked on building a tool. That's at least understandable for nontechnical people. We definitely need subject matter. Experts to layer context and to structure or flow flows for these conversational systems. But you determine what the bounding box would be because even that feels feels endless and you need to kind of focus in somewhere yes we. We're all this under the header of commerce. And i fundamentally believe that conversation. Commerce is going to be the next leg of digital so we had ecommerce and now we're shifting see commerce and e commerce is is a very interesting thing when you think about like show up at a website and basically every website looks the same right. I mean top nab. Yeah data and google set those rules instead of you don't do that. We won't index you and that's why everything looks the same so what you're seeing is digital each brand doesn't have its own personality now with conversational commerce. You develop your own personality and you develop your own way to engage your consumers too like chapultepec. We had obviously during covid. What happened was people didn't want to go in and get a burrito and make <unk>. They don't want to sit there for five minutes. Make freedom so chapultepec turn to us said we want to build an automation that somebody could come into their mobile device to any messenger front facebook. I message app and we want to configure a burrito and or whatever they want and they built. We built this <hes>. Automation called pepper. It's called pepper and you can communicate with pepper. And then you show up at the door and the handed to you. And so that's the poultry. One we've got <hes>. David's bridal which also people didn't want to come and people get married but do you want to go and sit in the store and try and addressing the one of the largest bridal companies in the world. We automated looking at different things for your body type for your style making an appointment. So you're the only one that's in that store. Don't have a crowd in the store. We built all that. This is just examples during kovin but every one of our customers get the ability to create a conversational experience. That's unique to them. And that's what makes commerce <unk>. Yeah i i could certainly see the argument that linear text back and forth actually has potentially less less opportunity for really robust customization than you know. Really fancy dancy website. But but i get where you're where you're coming from. I think that there is like a. There's a certain flavor of the brand that you get from talking that maybe you wouldn't get from from a website and obviously what you're saying is that we can tailor that of course with a website. There's a lot we can do with color and features and video and whatever but certainly there's personalization on the conversation side. I could kind of see arguments on both sides there with respect to working with these big brands again. You're you're dropping some pretty pretty big names here. Names of almost everybody listening in has heard of what does it look like to set up these unique systems for them because obviously chipotle's use case which by the way feels very accessible. The number of burritos you can build is not unlimited right as opposed you guys work with delta airlines. The number of things i can complain about to my airline is. There's probably two dozen. You could tackle off the cuff. But but there's gotta be another four hundred that are just we're handing this to a human being but cipolla feels. Wow that feels like almost like dominoes. Chat bot was pretty popular. Winning hundred flowers was doing some stuff. Because there's only so many purchase options but when you go into different clients you got big airlines. You got these restaurant chains. What's that process of really working with them. Because there's got to be a bespoke build out part. You got your core platform you guys are able to use. You have a tremendous amount of data and a lot of staff obviously which it looked like to hop into these big brands and build out. Something that really drives value for our platform conversational cloud. We really broken into three areas in and around the three areas of need when you're looking at scale automation. One is the intent. We called intent manager in its technology that ingests all the conversations and then organizes the intense. So we talk about intense anti-business. What is it consumers. They haven't intention to do something with you. They want to buy something. They wanna customer care question answered and that's an intention and we call that technology intent so we organized the intense and it turns out as we all know. We all asking and attentively. So i may ask a bill differently than you do. But the technologists differences aggregate them. And then what you get to see a list of all the intense in your business. And what are the contents and where the mid level. I'm usually what we say. Let's go solve the top intense bam one and is thirty percent of all the voice calls. You're having

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