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Of usage that power changes. The sixth is six pitch. It's least us pitch. Four percent of the time. He throws that bitch about just break. It out, you know, with the seventh inning of the rice bowls pretty soon. It is the one two and there's a curveball doubted into into art. What do you got for as we'll give me the six fastball sinker curve cutter slider than the change? So they differentiate four and two seamers in there. They differentiate slider and Qatar. Interesting. Whatever he's throwing whatever he's got. He's got a bright future. Two balls two strikes and the bitch to stock is fast ball at ninety eight that just missed the outside corner. It was either an inch outside or an inch low, but it wasn't much more than that in either direction, and it's a full count. That's power at the dis slightly down away. There's times over the course of the summer, you're going to get that call, but I shop at Gerry Davis, really lock it in that pitch was slightly out of his own. So now the three to all the way a fastball foul aback by Mushtaq. Is that one had some of the plate at ninety eight loose fouled it back comfortably throwing ninety eight of the Savak, Dan. I mean, that's. Is that something special hundred seventy five pounds? It Chris sale like me. Minot? The ring can't let a battle out there about the same weight right sale. Six six one eighty six to one seventy five three two and a breaking ball grounded into the shift out of the outfield. Grass KiKi Hernandez the second base for the Kurdish one down concerned about Chris sale rights spent the spent the night in the hospital with a stomach virus. The Red Sox. He's now left the hospital. The Red Sox hoping that he's going to be okay. Would be able to start a game five. They are going to need him. I don't can't.

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