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The women but you think sacramento this is far left his we can remember it being in all the years that we'd been here in california doing in the show when you think by wouldn't it be a little better for women in sacramento but the stories just popped out everywhere builders hundred women's signed this letter claiming me to as high arrest i'm sure it's horrible i always thought so because they're hypocrites hypocritical foley slobs yes what they are they are hypocritical floatie salon obsolete half the stuff they preach now is it you think mark leno was sexually harassing people i not going to name names i think on the whole way yeah it's boozing hookers there that's what it is but to talk about it we reach out to assemblywoman melissa melendez has gone the show time's four and dove we're going to talk her she's a republican from the inland empire lake elsinore in that area about her take on what goes on in the capital especially men treating women and it's not just the legislators and his staff the lobbyists or everybody's all involved in a so let's just bryant one big brothel up there lesser houria guy run hardier soleus behind is it true that women if they run into some sexual situation really have no practical way to report law they can report but and they risk losing our job which you know happened quite a bit as how or they just choose to get him blacklisted and they just leave the capital because i've read stories while the other side circles the wagons and the end of organized against the accuser well i mean you can't the carpizo.

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