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So what's the next one next month? Super Super Exciting again is eight God. It's our next in tech leadership series of very excited to Have JENNIFER BANANA FLY DOWN FROM CHICAGO? She's VP of sale. Oh my goodness gracious. She is a VP of sales over at second ago which which is a security company and. I haven't talked to you about this shock. You a little bit but she actually might bring a compliment to her. I'M NOT GONNA announce it we're still working on it but April eighth ladies. This is going to be a very interesting conversation. Because it's all about really The support of developing entrusting into one individual to create a career career. So You Guys. I Love Jennifer. I Love Her story and she is a spitfire. If you guys think I have energy wait till you meet Jennifer very cool so like shocked right now by the twist. The plot twist that could become. Hey we're always shaking up an Asian. Colin can't be always the same same so guys join us on March Twenty Six At city central at seventy some fifteen. Am to meet with Gary Hoover as well as April Eighth. Join us with To meet Jennifer Benet over sex ago without further ADO Aaron. Let's trump Internet episode with EPA E. Sports Performance Academy. I love this one. Yeah I mean you talk about something. You never thought you'd be talking about three years ago right and it's a whole business now and just with these two have done with us. It's it's truly mind blowing. I mean I can't believe some of the conversations that we have and some of the opportunities that these people have actually created absolutely so we are going to be welcoming Andrew Andrew Cooley and Andrew English cofounders of E. Sports Performs Academy both former East sports players. So they've been in the game. They understand the challenges that sports Future players are going to go through and we're talking about players were talking professional quality players where there's actual You know team sport where there's money involved this is not casual players and they're looking to build their own. Jim If you will and to really enhance performance as well as take care of your mind body and soul while you're playing very cerebral gain. Yeah so I should listen Kane but anyway So on that note without further Ado Very excited to share with our conversation with Andrew Kuechly Andrew English of e Sports Performance Academy Andrew Andrew. Welcome guys innovation calling. Thank you have enough. It's going to be easy to remember exactly. I remember the first time being Andrew. Cooley said Oh my name is Andrew and I'm thinking okay great then I look and then I Andrew English comes up and he's like my name's Andrew and that point I was like okay now. They're messing with me. So the way we met Aaron was at this great event over at city. Central are Oh with your partnership and they had a wonderful Powell and conversation regarding The whole e Gamy sports industry and I thought it was say that very hesitantly well because I got educated on terminology that we can talk about that. Both Andrews will help enlighten me again after our great conversation with John Davidson I was really interested in learning more about sports in general and heads. Thanks again guys for coming. Okay so gentlemen were you. Is it true you guys have played video games before that is that is true? I think maybe once or twice once or twice okay. I'm joking okay. So let's talk about you know so. Epa East Sports Performance Academy Really Cool Organization. But before he this okay. I'm sorry I can't remember this conversation. It is so crazy that this is a company a very successful coming in. You guys are running wild to me that we were talking about this conversation. Go ahead sorry exactly. Well let's just kill you know. Let's just say what is East Sports Performance Academy okay so he's fourth performance academy focuses on developing the next generation of professional players coaches talent and he sports basically at the very high level And why would you guys start this business? So one of the things that entered. I've always discussed like since we've known each other. Is that kind of the developmental pathway for going pro sports. I was pretty bad if you go look like traditional sports football basketball soccer. Whatever name any of them they have this very structured developmental path. You go you know. Ymca middle school high school collegiate. You can Coach like select teams when you're in high school and stuff to to help facilitate that or academy programs for soccer And then you go into the pro scene hopefully But none of that really exists for sports. I mean there's a ten year difference between he and I it didn't exist. I was going through. The PRO scene. Didn't exist whatever he was at that point either and so it was something that was really meaningful to us that we want to be able to provide the next generation in east boards. Everything that we didn't have to help facilitate that growth so that they can have an opportunity to play pro play. Collegiate had a career in the industry so on and so forth. What are some of the common misconception? Someone may have about understanding the pro like going pro to be able to go pro. That's Kinda just curious. That's fine I just thought I don't know if he wants to be talking the whole time So I I guess you'd be astounded by the amount of people that I've coached and worked with and then like yes. I want to go pro. And they're very talented players. There's some like in the top five hundred top seven hundred in the country Or in the continent. And what happens is that they don't they get fixated on kind of the spotlight and the limelight. And you know I want to be in that kind of celebrities. Glorified State But they don't understand all the work that happens just like a traditional athlete. It's all the work in the time that you put in off the camera. That's what matters so that you could be on the camera in the spotlight so it's a lot of work. It's not just sitting there playing the game Especially anymore growing up. That's that is pretty much what East sports was as he would just plant practice and play the game. I'm over and over again for you. Know Eight ten twelve hours a day but the great thing with the growth in the industry is that there's so much research being done on the Health. Nutrition Wellness Mental health so on and so forth. But it's especially kind of like our philosophy of approaching things is that it's a very holistic approach To make sure that we facilitate growth from every angle because it all feeds back to cognitive function. Select you straight up intellectualized something that quite frankly as kids growing up like you know. We're GONNA go play some you know. I don't Know Video Game Game Contra I love Contra Okay so how did okay so you guys were both You guys have both have had a career in playing games can talk to me about that. Because how does one even get into this like you just by virtue like online like? Oh I'm gonNA play or winning a lot and somebody finds you and they're like you should play pro league. How did you guys get in? Yeah you're for tell us your story. Yeah and I think that's that that was the hard part I mean I was I was a player in high school. And I kind of just stumbled upon this game called League of legends and I fell in love with it and I pretty quickly understood that. This was something that I wanted to do in my life but I didn't really know how to make it into that professional scene and so It was me just going home every day. And doing what I could display and get better and Eventually is finding another group of people who are looking to to also have the same same goals as me and just playing with them until eventually I got spotted by a coach or something who needed me and is very Luck based almost at some points where you could put in all this work and not get spotted because there is no no path win so as far as getting into the players side of things. Who's just going home and working every day and trying to get better and hoping to get spotted the so again because Maynas Quite a quite a long time ago. I found out what he supports was when I was twelve and I watch my first tournament at that point. I had no idea it was the thing and I was like. Oh crap people play this professionally like this is amazing And I remember getting done watching it like my job is literally hanging open while I was watching these guys do what they do and game called counter strike. Now they've counter strike global offensive back. Then it was called. One point six If geared around my age you'll note that is and if you're not then you'll know what cs goes anyway. So there is this This system called CAL. Cyber Athlete Amateur League and basically you tried to progress through cal to climb up high enough to be able to potentially teammates partners but I mean two tangents point of it was just luck. Based do I meet the right people? Do I meshed with these guys Do they need the person that has my area of expertise and then you know. Hope you're able to to get on a team eventually So you climb the ranks through. That did the same thing in a world of warcraft and left for dead and it's just a matter of hey you're really good. Oh we're really good. Oh we all have emissions to try and play professionally. Let's create a team and let's hope that we get picked up by sponsor noticed or you know you get the idea so Unfortunately very archaic but We've made some. The industry has made some progress for sure But it's definitely far from being where traditional sports and hopefully we can help. Get it to that point did you. Do you do audition. Do you scout like what? I don't understand how these teams another stupid question after that one. Go No not that stupid but I have like another. Gosh I guess in my head. I guess for lack of better term because again. I don't know your industry that well but is there like a read it type community where you guys talk to each other and then like the time you find each other or are you just playing games online. You see people's names come up often how I don't understand how you find each other. I guess. So that's the thing that's very disjointed and disconnected is that I think that there's probably a lot of platforms that are being created around being impo. Facilitate that in a better manner. I'll put this out there. Somebody if they haven't already can go create it but like I had an idea about six years ago that I wanted to create something that was like Lincoln and facebook and match dot com but it was strictly for like facilitating players. Getting linked up with each other I haven't really I mean..

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