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Don't exactly look the same, but when Kelly saw this picture, she said, well, that's more like what I saw, but she just couldn't drive that way. I know, during the days of the ancient Native Americans, that they also experienced some sort of being that they called, I believe it was the ant people. Yeah. And the ant people are supposedly grace or EBs. That's the least what I'm told because Kelly happened to be she had never been to the Grand Canyon before, but in one of her experiences she is flying over the Grand Canyon. The years later, her husband went to the Grand Canyon to visit. And they stopped in a hopi Indian store there. And she was looking in at all the trinkets. And apparently they have two different kind of trinkets. I think I hadn't been there so I don't need to explain the strong, but they have the tickets for sale at one price. And the really old old stuff they'll still sell you, but it's a far export extensive price. And when she's looking in that cabinet, she sees a trinket with a gray alien head on it. And she was completely floored by it and asked the story what's this doing here? And he said, oh, that's part of our history. The ant people. So today I'm the ant people are the graves and then their history, the ant people saved them from two, I think it was two different cataclysms that happened in many, many thousands of years ago where they spent time on the ground while the great flood happened and there was an ice age that happened. So it's in their history. Yeah. They certainly believe it. And the area I live in grant food here is we live close to the 6 nations Indian reservation and there is a great belief out here about the sky people and I'm told that they can actually call them and every summer they do call them back and spaceships land. So yeah, I'm looking forward to next summer trying to gloat there and be a part of that to see if I can join them, but it almost every day when I talk to people in the branford area, they all have a story to tell that brantford area seems to be a complete hot bit of UFOs and here for years and years and they're still coming. I would be kicked out probably because I'd be singing. They're coming to take me away. Well, you know, you think you would, but when it happens, you just either you're so awestruck or you're you can't you can't do anything. Jackie, she accounts that every time something happened to her, she had so many questions, wanted to ask so many questions and yell and scream at them and then but she never did. And then when the experience is over, she's kicking herself for not asking it because she wants to ask, but something prevents her from expressing herself when she's in their presence. So again, they control the scenario. They control everything about you. And that is definitely scary. I had another individual on the show and he talked about how some of these ships they are transparent on the inside, and they can show you a projection if you will. Of space, maybe even of their own home galaxy. Yeah. Kelly mcclane, when she was on which was she thought it was a house. She went into she had the first experience with the man heads..

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