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Shin. Loss. We'll people patriotic in their work always on always watchful misspelled and alert. They all make good citizens, the frontal vocals, they fight for right with all their might that called the Ku Klux. Verse keep going man who. The country. In. Thick bees in KOMO. You can't win. Oh. Gone to them. What you do the cool cooks Clun own ways. She shoe ching. You. There's a second. I that. I will not do. Ow. Wow. That was a virtuoso performance. Let's that's how it goes. So where did they sing this again? What was good? Records. They add record skate. They had a publishing press in a record press. You're having a dinner party. Like, let's put on the new clan records. There's a clansman watching you. Yeah. Oregon and Oklahoma were particular centers of clan vigilence committee violence, the second coming of the KKK summarizes, quote, three Oregon cases known as the Oregon outrageous captured widespread Presbyterian when night writers terrified their victims with such lynching threats. J F hail a piano salesman white was accused of illicit sexual affairs. And the would Lynch's demanded that he break off the improper relationships and may have also been targeted because he owed money that a clansman was having trouble collecting Sam Johnson described as part Mexican was accused of stealing chickens and being an idler Arthur Burr, an African American boot black accused of bootlegging receive the worst treatment vigilantes abducted him and took him to the very crest of the siskiyou mountains with a strung him up and let him down three times releasing him. They fired revolvers near his feet demanding that he leave the air permanently. Yelling. Can you? Run inward though. Charges were brought against three groups of clansman in each case. Juries acquitted the culprits on the grounds that because the victims were morally bad bitch, anti punishment benefited the community by contrast, Oklahoma, Indiana. Kansas and southern Illinois locations that were as much southern as northern experienced a great deal of actual clan. Violence, whippings tar, and feathering and lynchings and all four places some degree of racial. Segregation was in place in Klan violence hope to keep it in place an Oklahoma clan. Provoked violence became so widespread with reported one flogging for every night of the year that the governor placed parts of the state under martial law clan. Efforts got him impeached in nineteen Twenty-three Oklahoma law officers sometimes handed suspects over to clan. Whipping parties or even participated in the beatings in Kansas clansman, abducted, anti clan, mayor tied him to a tree and laid thirty stripes on his bare back in bloody Williamson as one southern Illinois county became known, the local clan and the anti saloon league merged into the Williamson county law enforcement league which soon became run by the clan attacks on the operators of the wide open bars produced lethal battles in nineteen twenty four and twenty five involving gunmen in the deployment of military forces in ended by forcing the anti Klan sheriff out of office, these armed skirmishes killed twenty people. So do not want to be ignored. The vice still happening. This wasn't the overarching lake. It wasn't the purpose of the clan was more about money. But also the violence was occurring within the society was fine with this. Yes is not a counter cultural act, again, they were acquitted generally when they were brought to trial because most people were fine with what most white people were fine with what they were doing like vigilante Cup figure. Exactly taking care of business because the government's not going to do it. So horribly violent but not horribly violent against the wishes of the majority of their white Protestant injury now. And in fact, we've kind of seen as heroes by a lot of people, right? Which was true only in the south for the original KKK gray north was not a gal racist Batman to give racist. Batman, exactly. An America's always loved the vigilante bad ass. That's the punisher but racist, right? Yeah. In one thousand nine hundred five the K K K even carried out an attack on the home of the young Malcolm X when he and his parents lived in north Omaha. Here's a quote from Malcolm's autobiography it actually is. How is a by starts when my mother was pregnant with me. She told me later a. The of hooded Ku Klux Klan writers galloped up to our home in Omaha. Nebraska one night surrounding the house brandishing their, shotguns and rifles. They shouted for my father to come out. My mother went to the front door and opened it standing where they could see her pregnant condition. She told him that she was alone with three small children, and that my father was away preaching in Milwaukee. The clansman shouted threats and warnings at her that we had better get out of town because the good Christian white people were not going to stand for. My father's spread in trouble. Among the good negroes of Omaha with the back to Africa preachings of Marcus Garvey, my father. The Reverend Earl little was a Baptist minister, a dedicated organizer for Marcus Aurelius, garvey's you in a United negro improvement association with the help of such disciples as my father Garvey from his headquarters in New York City's Harlem was raising the banner of black race purity in exhorting, the negro masses to return to their ancestry African homeland a cause which had made Garvey the most controversial black man on earth still shouting threats. The clansman finally spurred their horses and galloped around the house shattering every window pay with their gun butts than they wrote off into the night there. Torches flaring as suddenly as they had come terrifying. Yeah. It's horrifying now. Like, all good and bad pyramid. Schemes the clan. Pad to come to an end was finally brought down not by the US government because probably Muslim this government was fine with it. But by the incompetence, greed and corruption of its leaders. It's always it's always that with these kinds of far-right gangs. Philip FOX editor of the imperial Nighthawk made major clan newspaper was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering another klansman he considered a rival Hiram Evans called it. A personal affair governor at Jacksonville. Indiana clansman was indicted for bribery. Officers of the clan Bank were also indicted for embezzlement and grand larceny, the recounting. The scandals in arrests a fight with the FBI that led to nineteen people being charged members cut, drinking and bootlegging and paying for back alley abortions. They picked a fight with J. Edgar Hoover, not a smart guy to pick a five in the nineteen twenty four really bad guy too. In that period of time. They did not win that the final nail in the KKK coffin was the conviction of Indiana. Grand? Dragon Stevenson wing talked about earlier for kidnapping raping and murdering his secretary now that only the classiest high class, I mean, I was waiting to be like white collar like tax thing. I know. Yeah. Paying for the tort terrible thing. He did. Well, and here's here's it's actually even worse than it sounds because he did not technically murdered her. He raped her in assaulted her and then she killed herself. But the jury convicted him of murder because they believed he'd ruined her. Which is also why she killed herself like even worse than right? Just because it's the twenty s and it was a garbage time to exist. Yeah. It's messed up. But Stevenson went to fuck in prison. I think so. Yeah, he was commanding second degree murder. Yeah. My nineteen twenty seven the KKK had gone him. It's high of like four million members to less than three hundred and fifty thousand active members nationwide. It never quite went extinct entirely men continue wearing Klan robes and being racist up until the modern day, but the giant money making and political enterprise that it once was fell apart. Are they're still dues. Maybe an individual chapters, but there's no no not structure, a Syria was, yeah, there's some people that try to be that. But like it's pretty shadows of the legacy of the KKK outside of its existence as an MLM and the vigilante violence. It inspired is unclear during tight the KKK was extremely politically active, but there is substantial debate as to whether or not at actually influenced politics on a mask sale. A number of clan back candidates were elected and the clan was a massive fundraiser. But that Harvard studies analysis claim that the actual political treatments of the group were fairly minimal just because those people were already gonna get elected. They want elected because they were Klansmen. Everybody was fucking racist. Right right there. Just happened to be in the clan. However in the conclusion of the second coming of the KKK, Linda, Gordon makes this note some scholars and contemporary observers have seen the nineteen twenties northern clan as a failure. Because it was short lived in because it's campaigns against Catholics and Jews did not manage to confine them to second-class citizenship. But transients is common to most social movements. Moreover, the clan declined in part because it had triumphed in several respects state eugenics laws, providing for forcible sterilization of those of defective stock spread to thirty states and those labeled effective we're typically the poor people of color. The biggest clan victory was immigration restriction and imperial wizard. Evans repeatedly claimed credit for its passage. I mean, it is pretty disappointing that their eventual downfall or decline was not because people started to know better or like people stood up like this whole story. I'm sitting here thinking like, yeah. But when does it like, oh this person like there's this big altercation in people started public opinion started to change? Nope. It was fine with the racism and the vigilante murder. Yeah. It was the abortion thing that really. Back alley abortions really turned America against him hooray. We. I know the wall stuff the immigration stuff is always. So fascinating. Like, what do you think these things align with like, maybe it's even like you recognize that other people who aren't white have invented things you like like some Brera. Guys without Mexicans. How are you going to go to the cool cocoa somebody go to the coast GAM on you're going to have a bad time can have a bad time of the Cocos Cam. You wouldn't have got anywhere. They're playing the benign Britain baseball jeeze. That is fascinating. That was a twist that was the and now I know at Milan means marketing. Yeah, it's a really important in the politics of today. Yeah. I just hadn't heard that abbreviation money lives matter. There is a direct line between the strategy behind the KKK and strategy behind Amway which is the source of the fortune of Betsy DeVos. But we can't we don't have time to talk about her. They don't have time to talk about her that sake was sake ways us into the next episode. We will be doing another thing very soon clubs plug plugs. Plug focus. Check us out on the internet Twitter. News Twitter dot com slash some more news. Getting there. Okay. It seemed like you were slick passing it on. No, no, no. You do it on the internet. That's pretty. Our YouTube show also. Our podcast, even more news. Yup. That on the Twitter and personal Twitter Katie stole mines. With the c we'll get good at this one day, give them money. Some more news patriot dollars that go to them during their go to their he could find me on the internet at I right? Okay. Twitter. I have a book called a brief history of ice. 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