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Would not see in a banana republic because they would not get away with it in a banana republic in a banana republic even a newspaper even a newspaper which doesn't exist in this country would point out the fallacies and the fraudulent nature of releasing such a socalled indictment against foreign nationals at a time like that that a nation is in mourning they wouldn't tolerate it they ever did this and chile the chileans would have really react that very strongly to the newspaper that would dare spit on the dead bodies kick the dead bodies disrespect the dead bodies of those children you heard me right there's an emotional element to this what agency on earth would be run by such goals as to do with thing like this two days after the school shooting in other words let us say there is an indictment to be made on foreign nationals meddling in our election let's assume there is such an indictment that should be make why today the question is the timing is very strange isn't it the nation's in morning the only answer is because the fbi itself failed to stop the shooting and they're doing this to cover up their failures now that's something any rational person who has a logical mind could figure out don't expect that from the late night stoleness or the pancake made up talkers yuka 'spect it from me because that's my analysis and that's why you pay the come into the tent in which i preach because you're always going to get a different analysis than you'd expect and very often the analysis that i give you is the correct one ninety nine point nine percent of the time my analytical skills never fail me and they're not fairly me right now this is a gigantic conspiracy in a cover up on the part of the agency that failed to stop the school shooting now as far as the russians go what actually did they do well they get nothing different than obama has done they did nothing different than the democrats in the republicans do what are they actually do this information isn't that what nancy pelosi engages in our daily basis going so far as to tell us that even her grandsons been brainwashed into wishing who was of brown skin and brown eyes.

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