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Did it did it did this cat shit in your coat nomo did this cat schilling your coat yes sir and i know that this same he's took by keys and threw him in a sewer but ordered your career what i don't have to prove my point you've already proved it for me because require hit my code yeah look i i've take him enough time now i i don't believe yo and that gentleman there are obviously not convinced there there is a man who had a chip moon the crawled into the coat pocket and let go as i said a fire hose of diarrhoea into his jacket coat looked at him and looked away which is the sign of disrespect from cats and he doesn't buy it i the siamese cat i knew in that that morning when i took the can't with beat of the ah animal hospital the cat it looked at me and looked me up and down and then looked away that something else but something else when that looks at you in looks away it doesn't respect you when it looks you up and down and looks way it's already sizing up what it's going to do this siamese grab my car keys and drop them into an open manhole right there on delicate street in slidell louisiana and i almost lost to be honest with you i was going to get the car dealership over there to do in other words a create a new set of keys off of the lock but i realize what a big problem that would also be so i lowered myself into the sewer i didn't know anything about these things i lowered myself down into the sewer into a stinking stench filled.

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