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Running to the left. he does not have it. we have a full yard. right. the Tennessee Titans with fantastic Mike well it's fantastic V. for I don't get them fourth down stop symbol yeah you know go back there and you see drill really just. excel right off the ball and really got some great surge can you did a great job of of come in there and get them in the back field and those are great you know those are tough to get and you know then you know they went with wildcat and I I just felt like at that point time if we you know could settle down and recognize it called time out they didn't go to wildcat next time again made a great call I try to burst into out of the backfield we kinda popped out of there and. he didn't have his first read which was to new going to the flat that thinking we're in man coverage and then you know kind of broke down and we and we got to him on the last one we kind of talked about with that with the tight coverage and you know everybody really doing their job defense this year is allowing opposing teams to convert just two of eight fourth downs. pretty good start giving up fifteen and a half points a game. pretty good. well the scoring defenses is critical and you know we we have to get back to where we were last year in the red zone we were down there with a lot of confidence in teams were struggling to score touchdowns if you could kind of just I thought we were going to get a stop the other day in and they scored one down there to the goal line and then no it was close but then no we we gotta get when we get when they get down there we got a really tight knot and not allow the score touchdowns and then that's critical to scoring defense is is gonna keep yeah in games. and we the field position yesterday I think we started on thirty three yard line they started on twenty two yard line correct twenty one to sixty. the average was the six within that that difference seventeen yards difference for average stark so again. that really tells the whole story about the team in the complementary football in the special teams would one the hidden yardage and special teams by forty forty yards. we're in that's obviously for first downs everybody understands that the. you're going to want a lot of games if you start on the thirty three and a start on the seventeen does it almost excite you that your defense is doing so many things right and yet you've just hit several areas where they can get better. yeah there's a lot of places where we can improve you know I think that. you know we played a complement of of coverages and I think that's really good because it gives the quarterbacks different looks and things to to see. but it also. there's some. by the way is I don't want to use that as a description but. some things rely Kay now in this coverage you know as we get further down into it. you know this is an adjustment or this is how we need to play a. this particular route. came to just play a few coverages they probably get through all those and yeah that's a philosophy that we have been been able to be multiple on and play different things to to give the quarterback different looks I think we can continue to improve on that you know an anti and everything together time the front end and. what pressures we run our when we run a so we're Sean Evans had a good game yeah. Jenn brown had a good game Wesley woodyard comes back in place seventeen snaps it has five tackles including a tackle for loss sure it was great fun and it's something that we've mentioned this about what what is that one is a phenomenal leader cares immensely about this team but we feel like we have three starters at that position and you know we have to keep guys fresh lot of snaps yesterday he rolled through any could play both those spots and allows for Shonda to get a break allows jammed it to get a breaking no we trust them which is they are very important to coaches that you trust the guys are going the game's Herald Landry had five tackles and two sacks of the stats say he played really well was the head coach pleased with their appliance all I think you get always played better and I think the he did some things that are that you know pretty well and I think there's some things that we can continue to improve on right in our final minute here as we talk time flies I know it's just so much fun. it in this time as we discuss buffalo what sorts of things do you have to work on this week to really be prepared to take on the bills on Sunday as just the physical physical team and we're gonna take care of the football it's the. that that really. Costas last year turn the football over. they they do a great job at it they bad a lot of passes down the line of scrimmage I think they lead the league in and batted passes at the line of scrimmage with eight. they're very good in scoring defense very good in the red zone scoring touchdowns on as an offense I think they probably score touchdowns seventy eight percent of the time so those will be critical factors in the game but you got to hold the stuff we do I'm at home and you're the harder we play and the better we play the a lot of our fans will cheer force remind Titans fans that tickets are still available Titans online dot com slash tickets that's Titans online dot com slash tickets kick off this Sunday and Nissan stadium set for noon central time we hope to see you there..

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