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Bringing Brandon Jones and Daniel blood worth, and it's all going to be moderated by inside gaming's autumn feral. So it's GonNa be fun time. Hopefully, you will and you were out of contract this weekend. Concert in these crazy times. So adjacent to Lake Lance weekend, which is about four hours away from where I live and just turned out while we were there metallic was having this one night only drive in concert extravaganza and we went to a little town called Mak which was an hour north at the entire population of. Forty. Three hundred people so It was pretty great and the drive in itself was this drive in screen material just like stretched on the side of I was Rodeo Stadium. And that was it there was a maximum capacity of twenty, six cars. And we all just Kinda. Parked out and rock METALLICA. The people. So was it like a replay of consoles. Specifically recorded and produced and. For a drive in theater. So they recorded it was like two hour. Two hours of music like were on stage, and then you just play the song through your car speakers or you had a radio and it was really cool. Actually it was a lot of fun. I didn't realize how badly I needed that I think that was the first sign that I. Like Thankfully Jason was the that I just got super duper. Hammer. It's it's quarantine started and just rocked out in fact last night I was walking around what is my fucking neck so bad and is because all the head banging in those great. Fun. That's awesome. I didn't know that they were doing things like that I. Know a lot of people are getting creative with drive ins and how can we do social distance gatherings and things like that but that sounds that sounds really cool. So I'm glad that you had a great time Oh. Yeah. You did miss the indy arena booth which was super. So big thanks everybody who? Stopped by our streams on Friday and Saturday, we did a little tour a tour around in the afternoon on Saturday after we were done on the official channel. So thanks for all the support friends and congrats the entire team at endearing booth. They won the heart of Gaming Award which we're GONNA. Talk about a little bit later on in the news speaking of which, why don't we? Get to the news brought you WanNa get a started Oh. Yes. So this morning twitter was all the buzz must put together with this little tidbit, and that is ps five is not backwards compatible with PS three PS GOP Games according to Ubisoft support page. Goodness. So I, I learned about three or six warriors sixty four, and if you go to the link that was there, there's A page and it says transitioning playstation for titles in next Gen versions and Faq and question is how does upgrading from playoff playstation Ford playstation five work, and here's the answer as part of their next Gen upgrade process playstation offers a number of features designed to help you move from ps four ps five ps four.

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