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All right so benny hana's a great example and i know we have a brand new one on our ship on bliss yakking yeah if wait so scary as a problem in theory with these restaurants what is scary what is it when people asked me to go out for this hibachi or teppanyaki i actually get angry and elvis he doesn't he gets angry angry because to me this stuff is cheap and tawdry fun i think it should be reserved for kids if you haven't a kids party it's great because it's very visual and whatever but when you let's say you got six people well guess what they fit twelve so you sit it in with strangers they jammed people at your table in a you format more fun now people at your they just have them sit in the seats not jamming that's your table at your probably get to keep going let him go let it let let him vent then the next thing you know they're throwing food at you what does that say what do you think about your food when you're throwing it at people if i'm a toss like i'm a seal at seaworld i don't i don't tossing ridership me and then then what you're saying yes your guests i am not a seal i'm not an animal and your food what do you think of it right okay now here's the best part i really get upset when you are sitting at that table and the food is coming at you slowly so oh here's a pilot chicken and then you eat the chicken and then you wait ten minutes and then oh here's some okay okay i think you think you stay to your point i already texting asking you to stop you've made your point.

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